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About Me

My whole life has been about transformation and growth, as I have constantly aspired to live the healthiest and happiest life possible.  With ThetaHealing, I can proudly say that I have accomplished this.  Everyday I wake up feeling so much love and gratitude for being alive.  My purpose is to help others to accomplish this, as well. Every single one of us deserves to live a purpose-filled, passionate life full of love and joy!  Life is meant to be abundant in all areas: health, love and relationships with self and others, career, money, home and more.  I can help you to achielve this through personal sessions with me, or through teaching you how to do this amazing modality for yourself and others.  
I offer 60-75 minute sessions including 4-12 week, "Heart Inspired Living' Programs to help you to create the life of your dreams!  See website here for more info:
Through my own personal experience as well as education I specialize in:
-health issues (especially related to nutrition)
-living a life with purpose and passion
-letting go and moving forward after the death of a loved one
-healing after a divorce/separation
-self love (including self respect, confidence and boundaries)
-soul mates; twinflames; sacred relationships
-manifesting and abundance.
If you feel called to work with me, I do in-person sessions in my private studio, or most of my sessions are distance, via Skype, Zoom or telephone!

Extra Credentials

As well as being a certified ThetaHealing® practitioner and teacher, I am a Holy Fire and Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® Master, Registered Teacher Practitioner with the Canadian Reiki Association, Professional Member of the Reiki Membership Association (ICRT), Level 3 (Advanced) Soul Realignment™ practitioner, and a Registered Holistic Nutritionist™ (RHN) graduating from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. 
I teach ThetaHealing® and Reiki classes in greater Vancouver, Victoria, Nanaimo & Salt Spring Island, BC Canada.  I am also willing to travel to teach!  Just contact me to see about having a ThetaHealing® class in your area!


""I highly recommend Basic DNA class for those who are interested in healing themselves and others. Kelly has the wonderful ability to hold a safe and open space for learning. Kelly's teaching style and energy resonated to the core with me, and would definitely be taking more classes with her." "

M.O. September 2018
Vancouver, BC

""I just finished my first Theta healing course with Kelly. So many amazing things happened during the three days but the most powerful for me was being able to heal some painful emotions I was still carrying around from being bullied as a child. Through the Theta technique I uncovered buried feelings that I didn’t even know I had but that were affecting my life on a daily basis. I’m absolutely amazed at this healing technique and can’t wait to learn more!" "

L.W. September 2018.
Vancouver, BC

""Doing Theta Healing with Kelly is the best thing I ever did. After my first session with her I felt like a completely different person, so much lighter and free of so much fear and shame holding me back. I knew that this would be part of my life’s work right away so I took the Basic and Advanced Theta Healing courses with her. And then later Dig Deeper and Manifesting with her. Kelly is an amazing teacher and healer, and a Soul mate of mine I’m sure. The transformations I’ve had after the Theta courses are unlike any other I’ve had in my life (especially dig deeper, where I gained confidence in my digging and cleared blocks so I was able to start giving theta healing sessions myself for clients!) I LOVE working with Kelly and having a session with her is one of the best things you can do with your life. Her intuition is so strong and she knows what needs to be healed at this time (even when you don’t!) Love you Kelly!!! So grateful to have met you." "

B.T. June 2018
Langley, BC

""It was a magical weekend,full of laughter and cleansing tears,wonderful lunches and lots of TLC! So thank you for being a compassionate teacher" "

B.R. 2018
Mougins, France

""Kelly's Dig Deeper course was ESSENTIAL to my advancement in ThetaHealing." "

S.S. Feb 2018
Cumberland, BC

""I took the Soul Mate Practitioner's class with Kelly, and enjoyed it very much. Kelly is thorough, kind, compassionate and understanding. The class was interesting and engaging. Thank you so much Kelly!" "

Burnaby, BC

""Awesome 3 days of Advanced Thetahealing, thank you so much Kelly, you are an inspiration.""

A. B.
New Westminster, BC

" "I took both your in-person and online Zoom classes, and found them all to have the same depth of connection and intimacy with everyone in the class. One of the things I loved about the Zoom class, is the breakout room. It provided a very private ThetaHealing practice time with other students, and it felt like I was sitting in a quiet room and got to really focus on connecting with the Creator. I really enjoyed the online class, and the pace and breaks in between were perfect." M.O. July 2020."

online class

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