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About Me

I'm a multidisciplinary transformational trainer & healer focusing on "unlearning" the subconscious mind non resourceful programs, and empowering every individual to shine their uniqueness into the collective. I'm a Master NLP Trainer, Hypnotist, RYT 200 Yoga, NLP Coach,& Thetahealing Instructor  who works with individuals and corporates to activate and capitalize human potential in achieving excellence in any field. Before starting MYND Training, I ventured in the corporate banking field for 12 years , after which I decided to shape shift my passion for interpersonal relationships into creating transformational evolutionary experiences in people’s lives & consciousness. Over the past 6 years, I have worked with hundreds of individuals from different backgrounds in one on one sessions, workshops, corporate trainings and certification trainings, both online and in person. 

Extra Credentials

ThetaHealing Instructor
NLP - Licensed Neuro Linguistic Programming Trainer by Dr. Richard Bandler
Master Time Line Therapy 
Master NLP Life Coach
Master Relationship Coach
Master Career Coach
Master Hypnotist
RYT 200 Yoga
Dr. Joe Dispenza Advanced Student
Instagram @myndtraining


"“Yasmine has a true gift. The beautiful journey I’ve experienced with her has turned my life around 100%. I have now the ability to redirect my focus into something positive, to believe in myself, set my intentions and get clear answers from the universe. I have let go the patterns and limiting beliefs that were holding me back thanks to her guidance and support, and it felt like restoring the sight to the blind! I am growing into the best version of myself, and I am so grateful for that. I can sincerely recommend everyone to make this favor to herself/himself.” "


"“I reached out to Yasmine when I was rock bottom, not understanding what is going on with my thoughts and emotions the first thing she told me was to breathe and change my state which I did which gave me an immediate relief on the spot, then she booked me for an appointment in the next couple of days which I appreciate. When visiting her she asked me few questions which immediately changed my thinking process in which it was like an immediate pain killer till we talk through all my concerns and limiting beliefs. Yasmine noted 25 limiting beliefs I was living with which she immediately had a road map plan to work on it. After each visit I felt lighter, enlightened and wiser. the knowledge Yasmine has acquired is definitely a big thing specially when talking about dark areas or thoughts of situations I was put in; her knowledge goes beyond just a regular life coach. I sincerely thank her for all the efforts done and will be done and also for her prompt reply on any urgent message I sent giving me her full attention.” "

Dana J.

"“I was married at the age of 23. My husband was a very decent man, but I was unhappy with our life together. I grew up to identify that we don’t have any common interests and simply we don’t belong to each other. Coming from a culture where divorce is a big shame, I passed through a long period of misery, dissatisfaction, tiredness and I even lost interest in anything surrounding me. I started Mind breakthrough program with MYND for almost 2 months and it changed my whole life. Yasmine helped me identify my problem, empowered me to find solutions, get rid of all the negative thoughts and overcome my challenges. I was able to get rid of my fears and step out of my comfort zone. I got divorced, changed my job, changed my place and changed my lifestyle. Now, I feel happy and very much stronger. I have control of my life and a plan for the future. Thank you Yasmine, you will always the point of revolution in my life.” "


"“I was one of the women to have passed through postpartum depression and panic disorder. Yes, that's the diagnosis they gave me! I was hopeless and spent countless nights researching my symptoms. I also approached psychiatrists and psychologists and they all wanted to put me on meds, which I refused. And here came my story with Yasmine Rushdi, a dear friend, a professional coach and a theta healer. My experience with her was life changing, she is dedicated, credible and compassionate. She empowered me to face my fears and guided me with her valuable knowledge and experience to overcome all my negative thoughts and anxiety which eventually improved my state! One of the worst symptoms I had because of anxiety was irregular heartbeats and shortness of breath, after one session Yasmine was able through the power of theta healing to miraculously demolish these sensations! Yes, for me this was a miracle because I lived with it for a long time and in a day it was all gone. I love you Yasmine and truly blessed to have crossed paths with you.” "

Maya H.

"“Yasmine is all heart. She is passionate, sincere and fierce about getting her clients to face their issues and resolve and she won’t let you settle for anything less than your biggest dreams. When she’s with you, she’s a 100% dedicated to you and she will push you to the depth of your issues in order to transform them. I have worked with multiple coaches from all around the world, and I’m a certified coach myself, and so I know what makes coaches really stand out and I wholeheartedly believe Yasmine is one of the best coaches in the business. If you are serious about transforming yourself and your life, then Yasmine is the right coach for you.”"

Abeer Q.

"“Yasmine is truly one of the most incredible people I ever met! I love her wisdom and dedication to learning and growth. Working with her on my personal development is the biggest blessing I’ve ever had this year! She has a gift of helping every person realign to their truth and into the path of the light! God bless you! Love you!”"

Noor K.

"I approached Yasmine for Thetahealing sessions. I did not know much about it, I figured it would help and it was the best choice I made . In every session I figured out what was limiting me, in my social life, career, and addictions. The most thing that fascinated me is knowing who I truly am without those limitations and understanding who I am and figuring out the limiting believes that I was not aware of! It has transformed my life! I’m so grateful and I recommend Yasmine to everyone!” "


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