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Alexis Hovden is a ThetaHealing® Advanced Teacher & Practitioner located in Los Angeles, California. With over 10+ years experience in the field of health & wellness, Alexis first began her studies on the human body via Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Nutrition, and Fitness. Years later, while owning her first business, Alexis began studying ThetaHealing® in order to heal herself and increase her success in business. She now focuses her practice solely on teaching and practicing ThetaHealing due to the profound and practical affects it has had on her own life & the lives of her clients.

Professional Qualifications: 


  • ThetaHealing®  | Advanced Teacher & Practitioner

  • Yoga Therapist | Loyola Marymount University 

  • Yoga Teacher | RYT 200

  • Holistic Life Coach | Chek Institute 

  • Certified Nutrition Consultant 

  • Advanced Fitness Instructor


""Before working with Alexis I had one issue that had really been plaguing me and affecting my day-to-day life.I had tried all sorts of things to shift it, including courses of treatment my doctor prescribed, but the issue persisted. The whole process of Theta Healing was very relaxing and I felt very much supported. During our session Alexis got right to the core of what was creating my problem, I cried because what she said to me resonated so deeply. Alexis then cleared this core issue using the Theta Healing technique. Since our session the issue has almost entirely disappeared. I’m so grateful to Alexis for her wisdom and insight as a healer, and I can’t wait to book more sessions with her.""

Elizabeth Electra, Psychic Channel & Shaman
Edinburgh, Scotland

""I have experienced different types of healing modalities in the past, but have never experienced a Theta Healing. I worked with Alexis remotely as I’m on the east coast. I couldn’t believe how quickly I got into a meditative theta state working with someone from such a distance. Alexis was helping me to resolve some lingering physical issues including a tenacious UTI/yeast infection that was making its presence known quite loudly. We explored some of my core beliefs around that chakra which certainly resonated. Alexis was very attentive, knowledgeable and compassionate. Her ability to relate her own physical challenges and successes into the session helped ease my mind, and offered me motivation in opening myself up further to the healing. I ended the session feeling ridiculously relaxed with a heightened sense of awareness around that area/chakra. In the days that followed, my UTI/yeast infection healed. Some weeks later, I also ended up attracting a new lover and had the best sex of my life in over 10 years. BONUS! Have not felt that area of my body like that in a long time. Thank you Alexis and thank you Theta Healing.""

Maria Buratta, Actress
New York, New York

""When I met with Alexis I was dealing with the fallout of an unhealthy relationship. Alexis helped me connect to what my body was trying to communicate for many, many months. She helped me understand the energetic nature of my relationship in this incarnation and how to separate and sever the cords; her work greatly facilitated understanding of, and recovery from, what I had experienced, in a hugely profound way.""

Emill Kim, Acupuncturist & Yoga Teacher
Los Angeles, California

""My session with Alexis was my first experience with ThetaHealing--as I have experienced other modalities, such as Hypnotherarpy, EFT, Reiki, and Energy Healing. ThetaHealing with Alexis is magical! She has a strong intuitive sense that guided our session and helped her tap into the areas where I was struggling and needed guidance. I left feeling grounded, but also I felt a deeper connection to a higher source. Looking forward to delving deeper and working again with Alexis!""

Melanie Colbrunn, Fitness & Yoga Instructor
Pasadena, California

""Belief work is one of the most powerful tools in creating massive shifts in your life. Beliefs are patterns that create our reality. The process of uncovering and changing beliefs forces you to really look at both your conscious and subconscious thoughts and historic patterning. With that in mind, Alexis is the person you want with you while taking this journey. Not only is she intuitive but she guides you through the journey giving you the courage to break pattern, discover long-held, old programming and open you up to receiving new and more helpful thoughts and coding. Her work is powerful and life changing. If you are ready to take this leap, I highly recommend Alexis!" "

Emily Rose Laochua, Financial Analyst & Writer
New York, New York

""My first experience of Theta Healing was with Alexis and it came during a time when I was seeking fulfillment and courage, and desiring release from anxiety. Going into the session I assumed that those would be the areas we would work on. Little did I know there were much more deeply rooted issues that were affecting these three areas in my life. Alexis ran a muscle test to help expose the root issue. Once the root issue was exposed, the theta healing began and I could literally feel the burden and heaviness of this issue leave my body. When she ran the muscle test again, my results were completely different, reflecting an attitude about myself that felt confident, loved, secure, and beautiful. After experiencing my first session, I realize it can be difficult to fully understand what happens during a theta healing session, but I can honestly say, it was completely worth it. I truly feel lighter, healthier and happier than before!""

Kimi Cantrell, Yoga Teacher
Pasadena, California

""I have been struggling with anxiety for quite some time now. It was affecting my daily life and then began to seep into my dreams giving me countless sleepless nights. I came to Alexis feeling helpless to my anxious thoughts, in the hopes that I could gain an understanding of what exactly was causing me to live like this. I would have never guessed that, through her guided meditation, I was experiencing mental blocks that led all the way back to my childhood. Through the Theta process I was able to break free of that, and after our session an overwhelming feeling of calm, freedom, and sense of self took over my mind, body, and soul. I am so looking forward on continuing my journey with her to improve my mind and soul, and continue to learn what it means to love myself and live an anxiety free life through love and forgiveness.""

Anastacia Jacobs, Dance Instructor
Los Angeles, California

""Alexis is a beautiful loving soul, I absolutely loved this healing session. She helped me to discover beliefs I had that were preventing me from manifesting my truest desires and guided me through morphing those beliefs into ones that support my desires. I’m looking forward to more sessions with Alexis. Such an amazing experience!""

Laura Allahverdi, Life & Business Coach
Long Island, New York

""Working with Alexis has opened my eyes to so many lifestyle and diet factors that I hadn't paid attention to in years past. As someone with ongoing stomach issues and sensitivity to a variety of foods, it was so refreshing to get down to the root of how my body digests food and reacts to certain combinations of ingredients. I absolutely love her real food approach and her focus on finding what works for you and your lifestyle. I consistently maintain an open dialogue with Alexis about what I'm feeling, what seems to be working well and what needs adjusting. She's always spot on about suggesting new things so I can maximize how I'm fueling my body and feel incredible at all times. For so many reasons, I'm not behind fad diets, chemical based solutions and one size fits all mentalities. I'm so thankful to have Alexis by my side as living proof that none of that is needed to find success. All we really need is a knowledge based approach to eating real food, fueling our bodies properly and prioritizing the digestion and food group distinctions that nature intended. Thank you, Alexis!!""

Rachel Barker, Entrepreneur
Pasadena, California

""ThetaHealing was new to me, but one of my friends raved about Alexis and her work. Without hesitating, I booked a session. I liked that before we went into the session, Alexis and I chatted. Talking to her felt like I was reconnecting with an old friend, it was so easygoing and comfortable. During the ThetaHealing, Alexis uncovered some very intersting blocks around weight and money. After the clearing, which she did very gently and with my permission on each block, I felt so light! Even now, two weeks later, I feel like my energy is shiny, happy, and clear. I've shed some pounds (even though I went on vacation after my session and I ate whatever I wanted.) I feel freer and more comfortable around the topic of money; like I went from a dark foggy day into the bright and warm sunlight. It feels so good! Alexis' work is A.Ma.Zing. I am thrilled, and I think you will be too!""

Katherine Turpin, Love Coach
British Colombia, Canada

""I had an extremely positive experience with ThetaHealing, and I give Alexis my highest endorsement. She is incredibly intelligent, intuitive, professional, and kind. I believe Alexis has a gift for facilitating healing, and helping people access their true potential. I went into the session not entirely knowing what to expect; I was looking for an extra level of support during a major growth period, and hoping to gain some clarity about my next steps. My expectations were exceeded. Firstly, I felt an immediate sense of trust in Alexis, as she exudes professionalism and a very grounded kindness. I was incredibly impressed with her level of intuition and knowledge. She was able to ask questions that helped me to quickly determine areas where I felt energetically and emotionally stuck. Through conversation and questions, Alexis helped me identify some major limiting beliefs (sub-conscious), which had been affecting every area of my life, from career to relationships. After identifying several of these sub-conscious beliefs, we did ThetaHealing to release them, and replace them with life-affirming beliefs. After the session, I felt clear, uplifted, and energized. In the days that followed the session, I gained new layers of insight, and was able to see how these old beliefs had been keeping me stuck. I feel mentally and emotionally revived, with a greater sense of focus in life, and inspiration to move forward with new projects and goals. I feel that Alexis really hit the nail on the head in terms of helping me identify the beliefs that were holding me back. I am so grateful to have worked with her, and experienced this profound healing modality." "

Molly Zyrkowski, Colon Hygenist
Boulder, Colorado

""I was referred to Alexis through a group I belong to, and every single word of praise I heard was true! Over the last year I have been on a journey of discovery and entrepreneurship and I have begun embracing my inner “woo” along the way, but I still consider myself to be a bit of a skeptic. Alexis is simply amazing. In the first 3 seconds of our Skype call, I felt like I was speaking with an old friend. She’s sensitive, intuitive, and comforting. She explains the process clearly, step by step. I went into my theta healing session to tackle some major anxiety around the upcoming launch of my new business. I am a pretty self aware person and I thought I knew exactly where the anxiety was coming from, but she knocked my socks off. She uncovered things I didn’t even know were bothering me (not things that were bothering me “still”, but things I didn’t realize had bothered me ever!). I felt palpable relief while I was still on the call with her, but over the course of the next few days, it was all released and I felt an incredible sense of peace settling over me. Before my session, just the mere thought of my launch to-do list would start me on a downward spiral or fear and worry. Now, I calmly go on to the next thing, and I have every confidence that it will get done easily and my launch will be a massive success. Alexis, from the bottom of my heart, thank you! I can’t wait to work with you again. Seriously, do yourselves a favor and hire this woman before she is too busy to accept new clients!" "

Erika LaFrennie, Business Owner
New York, New York

""The session with Alexis was what I needed and more. Never having experienced theta healing before, I was not sure what to expect. When I spoke with her, she sounded like an old friend. Her voice was comforting and exciting which automatically makes you excited. From the beginning, the middle to the end, Alexis informs you of what she is doing and why. She answers any and all questions with knowledge and confidence. At the end of our talk, I cried. Not an ugly sobbing nose running cry; but a cry of relief. Alexis is a gift from whatever God you believe in. She is a therapist for your soul." "

Bethany Sylvester, Dental Hygienist
New York, New York

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