Hiam Nassif

An Independent Certified Practitioner, Instructor, Master, Certificate of Science



About Me

Dr. Hiam Nassif is the Business Owner of Ascension Event s.a.r.l.
She is from Lebanon
She holds:
• The Degree of Professional Doctorate in Coaching from Newcastle Business College in the UK
• The Degree of Professional Doctorate in Individual and Organizational Development from TICU Toronto International Career University
• The Degree of Professional Doctorate in Energy Sciences from TICU Toronto International Career University
• The Degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from BAU Beirut Arab University.
She is a:
• Certified ThetaHealing® Instructor, Masters & Certificate of Science from THInK® (ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge), in the USA
• Certified Access Consciousness® Bars Facilitator & Access Facelift™ Facilitator from Access Consciousness®, in the USA
• Certified for many other Training & Coaching & Healing modalities
She has also:
• International License in Electronic Training from ECTD The European Center for Training & Development 
• Professional Diploma in Electronic & Online Training & Teaching from the Arab Board for Consulting & Training and from the Federation of Arab Teachers
• Certification as a Certified Great Grand Master Trainer from ACBPT American Canadian Board for Professional Training
• Certification as a Certified International Master Trainer & Coach from ACBPT American Canadian Board for Professional Training
Her Memberships & Awards:
• Membership in the Arabian Council Against Drugs
• Membership in the ACBPT American Canadian Board of Professional Training
• Membership in the Arab Board for Consulting & Training
• Membership in the Arab Trainers League
• Honorary Member of the School Law at Newcastle Business College in the UK
• Award as one of the Important Experts of ThetaHealing in the Arab World from ACBPT
• The Golden Speaker Award as one of the Important Experts of Training & Coaching in the Arab World from ACBPT
• Award from the Arabian Council Against Drugs
Dr. Hiam Nassif has extensive experience in training ThetaHealing® and Access Consciousness® Bars & Energetic Facelift™ practitioner classes and in conducting private sessions in both languages English and Arabic for both individuals and businesses in many countries. Usually, ThetaHealing® group training takes place in hotel conference rooms and online via Zoom.
She is authorized to sign official certificates for her students and open a private profile for everyone on the official website of the modality.
ThetaHealing® sessions can be done in person or online via Zoom, phone call, or video call.

Extra Credentials

* For private sessions or to arrange classes, please contact:

Email: hiamnassif@hotmail.com

Phone & WhatsApp:  +961 3 842184   



"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Hiam Nassif for this amazing, transforming, inspiring & exhilarating experience to take Thetahealing courses with her! Highly recommend to anyone on a spiritual journey! Great training experience. The comfort level of delivering the information was superb. The flexibility with change was amazing. Listening to the needs of the trainees and the way of coaching left me with great understanding of the information and exercises. I am Grateful! Thank you! Thank you! thank you."

Huda Al Meer

"Dr. Hiam Nassif is one of the most extraordinary instructors & coaches I've come in contact with. Her mountain size heart and spirit will move you to higher levels of living immediately. I highly recommend taking courses and doing sessions with her. Thank you so much. "

Lolwa Issa

"Dr. Hiam Nassif is a great Thetahealing and Access Bars healer and teacher. As a teacher, she is very committed to delivering all the knowledge and support to empower her students. Her full proficiency in Arabic and English allows her to guide and teach a broader group of students – which is why she proactively translated her lectures to Arabic, ensuring all information is well communicated even to those not very comfortable with English. Her knowledge in Healing is so vast, she can link aspects together and explain very advanced and “complicated” points in a simple way for students to understand. Her style is simple, clear, and straight to the point – she also draws from her personal and professional experience to explain how certain techniques or teachings apply to our lives. As a healer, she is 100% committed to help her client. Given her extensive knowledge and experience, she can see and draw from an objective observer point of view the pattern, link between the information shared to her during the private session, which once explained and rectified is how the healing happens. She keeps drilling down and investigating subconscious patterns and beliefs, till she finds the root cause of the problem the client sought her for and then literally “charges at it” with all the love and empowering beliefs to be downloaded into the client, clearing all past trauma and beliefs holding them back. She is very compassionate and understanding, creating a safe non-judgmental space for people to share their biggest fears or challenges, all while knowing they are lovingly supported and empowered to believe they can heal and change to the best. I am very grateful to have witnessed and tried her services, from teacher to healer, Thetahealing to Access Bars – she is an inspirational healer committed to being in service of healing all souls."

Suzanne H.

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