7 Planes of Existence Meditation

In this Video Vianna Stibal, Founder of the ThetaHealing technique will guide you through the meditation walking you up to the Seven Planes of Existence-The Creator of All That Is. This is the Official Meditation brought to you by ThetaHealing. This video is informational, helpful, and an experience to watch....

Let’s Play

In this video, Vianna Stibal, the founder of ThetaHealing, talks about changes and additions to the modality and teaching since 2015 and invites the audience to join her in a journey to deeper understanding. 

Discover ThetaHealing

Vianna Stibal describes how ThetaHealing can transform your life through connecting with the Creator, Realizing we are all part of one Energy that moves through all things This video is informational, helpful, and an experience to watch. ThetaHealing is not intended as a substitute for you physicians advice or care.

30 Day Random Act of Kindness Challenge

For a little over a month, I posted a Random Act of Kindness on Facebook every day. I did this to challenge others in practicing kindness and for myself. Knowing that kindness is one of the Four Foundational virtues we need to master while we are here.  I consider myself...