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Manifesting and Abundance Revised and Expanded


Manifesting has always been a very important part of Vianna Stibals life and through her connection with the Creator of All That Is she has manifested true abundance in every aspect of her life for the past 17 years. In this Revised and Expanded Manifesting & Abundance DVD, Vianna incorporated all of her personal secrets to Manifesting as well as thoroughly covering all of the most important exercises from the Manifesting & Abundance Class. This information is designed for all levels of understanding and works extremely well with other Modalities and religions.

Every Goal, Dream or Desire can be Manifested through clearing blocks, Imagination and a little dedication, we can create our own reality. These Techniques have helped thousands of people achieve what they once believed to be impossible and were only available if you took the ThetaHealing® Manifesting & Abundance Class. Vianna is now making this information available to everyone, because she truly believes we all have a divine right to connect with the Creator of All That Is and produce positive results in every aspect of our lives. Spiritually, Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, and Financially.

Manifesting in ThetaHealing® is the belief that it is possible to create anything in the physical world, for your highest and best way using the power of the Creator of All That Is.

This DVD is most beneficial if you have read the ThetaHeailng® and Advanced Thetahealing® or if you are a certified ThetaHealer®. This DVD does not certify you as a Manifesting Practitioner, but to complete the full Manifesting Class you can find a Certified ThetaHealing Instructor on

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