Although various locations around the globe are beginning to lift Covid restrictions, there are still existing complications for travel. In order to better support our ThetaHealing Instructors our office has developed an opportunity to offer some of our in-person seminars through a modified remote learning. Working with our event coordinators to create a supported and safe environment in which to learn, students will still be required to gather in a classroom. 


How it works: 

  •  Instructors will teach LIVE in Person at the MAIN LOCATION with the video feed broadcasted to designated extra REMOTE Classroom Locations. 

  • You will view your instructor on a screen, and they will also view you. 

  • You will have the same exercises. When you break out for practice and exercises a camera will interact with students so we can observe the guided exercises just as in a live classroom! Our offices support all locations with an amazing team both on-site and offsite. 

Seminars and Locations

Plane of Existence Instructors 5-9 July 2021 taught by Vianna Stibal

  • LIVE at MAIN location Bigfork, Montana USA with Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Japanese Interpretation
  • REMOTE location Guadalajara, Mexico with Spanish Interpretation
  • REMOTE location Istanbul, Turkey with Turkish and Russian Interpretation

Intuitive Anatomy Instructors 16 August – 3 September 2021 taught by Joshua Stibal 

You and the Earth Instructors 26-27 August 2021 taught by Joshua Stibal 

  • LIVE at MAIN location Taipei, Taiwan with Chinese Interpretation
  • REMOTE location Shanghai, China with Chinese Interpretation
  • REMOTE location Osaka, Japan with Japanese Interpretation
  • REMOTE location Switzerland with German Interpretation
  • REMOTE location Istanbul, Turkey with Turkish Interpretation

We are really excited to be able to continually move the energy and understanding of ThetaHealing forward! 


Love and Gratitude 

ThetaHealing Headquarters