Liberando Ressentimento

Emotions and thought forms can create emotional molecules that become a physical essence in the body. The effect that these molecules have can exert a physical toll on the body in all kinds of ways. One of those ways can become apparent in our intuitive abilities. The reason we do not have all of our psychic abilities is that we have too many resentments and grudges that have been handed down to us or that we have created. It takes time, energy, and space to maintain resentments. Certain areas in the brain are being occupied by this energy. Resentment, regret, and rejection have a considerable influence and have a direct connection to the Beliefs that are blocking our bodies from healing.

The feeling work is important. Through proper stimuli, your brain makes new connections for thought all the time. When you do the Feeling Work, you stimulate the brain and add new connections. With the Feeling Work, we teach how to live without specific negative habits. You give them the ability to shut down receptors that are looking for these negative emotional programs and make new pathways to positive ones. Your cells have receptors for emotion. Once the receptor is used to the emotion, it has to have it just like a drug. For example, if you are used to being depressed, you will create depression. This is why we use the Feeling Work to live without resentment, feeling miserable, or “poor me” and to be able to retrain the neuron receptors to accept joy, happiness, and responsibility for their life is very important.

Never underestimate the power of the human mind. The unconscious mind knows that to prevent something worse happening to a person it can use the emotion of resentment. The human mind can use the energy of resentment as the lessor of two evils. The problem lies in that the mind replays the program to create anger and resentment in a constant effort to protect itself. When you do belief work on the resentment, it will relive the resentment.

Once the receptors in the brain are taught to have constant resentment, the person will find someone else to resent and the keeps the belief intact. Once you have done the feeling work, you have the conscious awareness and can shut down the negative emotion and open it for the positive one. Anything that is not going right in the person’s life likely has a deeper cause. If there are still things in your life that are a continuing drama that causes resentment, then there is still belief work to be done.

In ThetaHealing, we use a process called digging. We use this to find the cause and source of drama that pertain to persons, places, or situations that become a reoccurring pattern. It may be that the cause is not in this life. Ask yourself, “What caused the present situation?” Find out where the original resentment came from to find the origin of the recurring problem. Go back to the past, change the situation, and bring it to the present with belief work. The key is to understand that every person in your life serves you in some way. Find a ThetaHealing Practitioner in your area.

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