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take a moment theta healing

Our world can be in such a state of confusion, especially when we are just living life. Sometimes it is hard to keep your vibration high when there is so much chaos in the world. A high vibration is a lite thought, like happiness. The lite thoughts can go across the universe and back. Observation is way to keep track of your thoughts and shift the energy to a high vibration.

We start with ourselves first to keep our thoughts lite. First thing in the morning, we can go up and do a simple ThetaHealing meditation, and we can actually start shifting things in our life. One thing that can shift us the most is how much service we can do for someone else. If we got up every morning and did one good thing, just one good deed, for someone else, we can actually start finding that high vibration.

Keeping track of our thoughts is a very good thing to be aware of and to keep your vibration up. In ThetaHealing, we have The New Life Experiment. In this, you don’t say anything negative about yourself or others. Mostly, it is about yourself, and if you practice this exercise, you can become aware of how much negativity we think about ourselves. When we realize this, we can shift our thoughts to a higher thought form and increase our vibration.

Ideally, if you only took two minutes of your time every day to absolutely observe your surroundings, like the trees, we can start becoming more aware of their energy. You can expand your energy and connect as you take a moment to expand and connect to all that is around you. The magnificence of the planet can really change the way you feel. Just driving to work can be an amazing experience. We have this tendency to get bored in our lives when we have too much time. A lot of us are always running to the next thing, and then the next thing. As you run to the next thing, just a minute and a half of observation you can change the way that you feel about everything.

Take a moment, and choose to be happy. Happiness is a high vibration. If you are working with more than one person, you can actually change your energy, and you can change the energy of where you are. Just going up in a good mood, in a moment in the daytime, can help. You have to decide for you. Once, thirty-five years ago, I had a job that I actually liked, but the people around me were difficult, and they would always get angry.  Those people are still stuck in the same job, and I chose to do something with my life. I am much happier now, and I am doing things that make me happy.

Our vibration is the way we think and the ways we are, what we are encompassing. I am choosing to take a moment and be happy. A little bit of effort can make a huge difference. We are changing. We are actually changing for the better. Every day things happen, but we can focus on the positive because it is always, always there. I think that it is remarkable about how we can look at things can change us and also our vibration. Take a moment, and choose happiness.

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