Sua Assinatura Vibracional

How do we keep our vibration high when the world is in a state of confusion and you are just living life? People in the spiritual community talk a lot about keeping a super high vibration, but what does that really mean? Vibration is not something that can be measured. Everyone’s vibration is different, and everyone has a different vibration. We are all sparks of God. Our vibration is like our signature.

High vibration is a thought, like a light thought. Kindness is light thought form that can go clear across the universe faster than the speed of light. That is high vibrational energy. A low vibrational energy is a thought that cannot even make it out of the Earth’s energy, such as anger, hatred, or resentment. We use these negative vibrations to keep us grounded on the planet. Years ago when you became enlightened, if you had a high vibration, you would actually leave the planet. They would become enlightened and no longer want to be here anymore.

In the back of our mind and in our DNA, generation after generation, we know that if you reach a certain level of high vibration, there is a chance you won’t be here anymore. And knowing that, we have family and loved ones so we often call upon lower vibrations to keep us more to earth, to keep us here. As we practice trying to stay cheerful, happy, and positive in our thinking, we are always thinking in the back of our mind that if we get to a certain level, we have to move forward.

We need to understand that we can reach the highest levels of vibrations and still stay on and help the planet. Things have changed. Right now there are a lot of people in crisis; our planet is in crisis.  We can stay up and be positive to help shift the planet. We need to get up every morning and go into a state of meditation to connect with the energy of the Creator and actually make our lives count. Our lives matter. Just feeling the energy of life makes your life matter, feeling the breeze, the air, on your skin, just to know that you are alive and the body is incredible. Our bodies keep going. If we are sick, they keep going. To just take a moment and actually listen to the birds and feel the trees around you, and see the sky to make every moment count. Re-center yourself every morning and you could actually move up in your vibration.

The world throws us negativity, but it also throws us positive things. There is something changing on the planet.  We are changing.  We are actually changing for the better, not the worse. Every day things happen, and we focus on the negative, but the positive is also there. Always, always there. It is remarkable about how we can look at how things can change us and also our vibration. Everything is thought forms.

Introduction to ThetaHealing Book

Descubra o fenômeno mundial do ThetaHealing e como ele pode ajudá-lo a alcançar a cura transformacional nesta edição revisada e atualizada do guia definitivo de Vianna Stibal.

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