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An Independent Certified Practitioner, Instructor



About Me

Hello! My name is Pam Jackson and I love the Thetahealing technique! 


The thetahealing technique has changed my life in such a profound way that I am forever grateful for Vianna and the thetahealing technique. I have been hooked on this program since that very first night in 2012, where I had my first experience with a thetahealer at a group event and my soul smiled. Soon after I found a thetahealer instructor and scheduled a one on one session, it was in this session that my bi-polar was healed. I wanted to learn more, so I signed up for some courses and became a practitioner of thetahealing.


Now, I am an instructor of Thetahealing, and I love my life! 


After my trip to Montana I heard a voice tell me my office was available and I opened my healing center being of service to others as my connection to the creator becomes clearer and stronger. I love teaching and mentoring students in the thetahealing technique because for me it has been the answers I have always looked for in my life.


I offer Free Phone Consultations, Thetahealing Sessions and Thetahealing Classes Online and the best thing is that we can work together not matter where in the world we are. 


I now offer online zoom classes for Basic, Advanced, Dig Deeper and Manifesting and Abundance. 



Extra Credentials

Professional LIfe Coach
Law of Attraction Coach
Spirit Guide Coach      
EFT Master & Instructor
Emotrance Master & Instructor
Positive EFT Instructor
Reiki Master & Teacher
Holographic Sound Healing
Access Consciousness® Bars 
Professional Hypnotist, Exploring Past Lives
Akashic Records Author, Reseacher & Teacher
Ordained with the Universal Life Church


"I just wanted to let you know I am so grateful that I took Thetahealing classes with you. I learned so much in a short time. You are a great mentor! "

Dallas, Texas

"Awesome Pam! I feel you did a amazing job and it resonated with me completely! In fact I was just looking for confirmation on what I already felt I knew to be true. It is quite interesting how you were taken there. I like how you are doing the readings for people that serves as a much needed gift at this time. You will help people help themselves understand their true self and when we do that we emit a very bright light that is needed upon this earth at this time. Again thank you Pam and Blessed Be!"

Dallas, Texas

"Pam, All the anger about my job just left. I noticed in the days since not only do I view my job and the people differently but they are also talking and treating me differently. Thank you so very much for this transformation!"

Beverly R
Plano, Texas

"I have been working on myself for years now through yoga, meditation and reiki. I've received my 200hr yoga teaching certificate and I have done level 1 reiki, among other trainings, and I am so pleased that through this journey of self-realization, I found Pamela. Nothing compares to the work she has been able to do with me. It was actually my husband that had a first meeting with her and he immediately said, you need to go see Pamela. After my first two Access Bars and Thetahealing sessions with her, I was amazed at the growth and relief I had in such a short span of time. I needed to know what she was doing! Luckily, she's an amazing instructor of these two healing modalities. I've done my Access Bars certification and Thetahealing Basic, Advanced and Dig Deeper with her and it has literally CHANGED my life for the absolute better! She is a fantastic teacher! And because she is so nurturing, gentle yet direct, I was able to reach such a depth in consciousness, that I KNOW there is no turning back for me. The life I lead now is a true heaven on Earth. And this is coming from a mother of two autistic children (among many other things that on the surface may look like hardships)! Life is truly beautiful and I am forever GRATEFUL for Pamela and all that she has done and continues to do for us by fostering a great community. I can't recommend her enough!!! If you're on the fence about contacting her, you should definitely get off and contact her now. :) Love and blessings! "

Nicole Lasswell
Dallas, Texas

"I am very please with the work performed by Pamela. She is very knowledgeable and has great work ethics. I was feeling completely relaxed and safe when she was performing Theta healing on me. Thanks Pam for your help and loving care! "

Marisol G 1/30/2020
Carrollton, Texas

"Pam has been so helpful! I've had several sessions with her. She has helped me tremendously! I would highly recommend her and her expertise! "

Tracey B 1/18/2020
Denver, Colorado

"I have worked with Pam for two years now, as a client and being trained as a Theta healer. I have also taken her workshop on the Akashic Records. It opened up doors to places where I have been stuck for years. I will be eternally grateful. Pam does extraordinary work. It has been an honor to edit her book."

Gretchen Martens
Dallas, Texas

Hold a seminar in your area

I am open to travel to you and your tribe in order for you to learn this amazing program. Let's schedule a time to discuss. 

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