ThetaHealing ने मला माझ्या आयुष्यात जे तयार करण्यात मदत केली आहे ते मला पूर्णपणे आवडते

“I was introduced to ThetaHealing in 2015 by my business coach.  What blew me away with this technique was not only the deep feeling of connection I immediately experienced, but also the ease with which we could quickly shift limiting beliefs into more expansive ones.  Everything about the ThetaHealing technique was deeply intuitive for me and easy to apply for anyone.

I became a ThetaHealing Practitioner in 2017 when I switched my business from medical sales into a training, development and coaching model because I believe that ThetaHealing is the fastest and easiest way I have experienced to shift out of limitation and into a much more expansive experience, and I was determined to use it with my clients.  Right away I began working with and teaching larger groups and teams, and chose to become an instructor so I could introduce the technique to larger audiences.  I absolutely love what ThetaHealing has helped me create in my life and in the lives of my clients and students.  It has been deeply satisfying and joyful for me to help others learn and practice the ThetaHealing technique, and the personal, professional and spiritual growth I have experienced in every area of my own life is truly miraculous  

I am now also deeply committed to helping those who choose it to become exceptional practitioners and instructors so they can prosper and help others too.  I learn something new every time I have an opportunity to work with Vianna and her family and my fellow instructors and practitioners.  I am immensely grateful to all the folks at ThetaHealing for continuing to grow and share something that is profoundly helping people all over the world.”

— Marla Ford Ballard

ThetaHealing Master and Certificate of Science – USA

Introduction to ThetaHealing Book

व्हियाना स्टिबलच्या निश्चित मार्गदर्शकाच्या या सुधारित आणि अद्ययावत आवृत्तीमध्ये ThetaHealing ची जगभरातील घटना शोधा आणि ती तुम्हाला परिवर्तनात्मक उपचार साध्य करण्यासाठी कशी मदत करू शकते.

आमच्या वृत्तपत्राची सदस्यता घ्या

हा लेख शेअर करा

संबंधित लेख

With each seminar I took, I began to understand myself better

मी घेतलेल्या प्रत्येक सेमिनारमुळे मी स्वतःला अधिक चांगले समजले

“2015 मध्ये वयाच्या 56 व्या वर्षी, मी ThetaHealing सेमिनारच्या परिचयासाठी उपस्थित राहिलो आणि मला असे काही अनुभवले जे मला आधी कधीच वाटले नव्हते…
पुढे वाचा
Make positive changes by using ThetaHealing® Techniques_

ThetaHealing® तंत्र वापरून सकारात्मक बदल करा

थीटा हीलिंग हे व्हियाना स्टिबेल यांनी डिझाइन केलेले तंत्र आहे जे "शारीरिक, आध्यात्मिक आणि मदतीसाठी आपल्या नैसर्गिक अंतर्ज्ञानाचा वापर कसा करावा हे शिकवते.
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This is a never ending tool for my life

हे माझ्या आयुष्यासाठी कधीही न संपणारे साधन आहे

माझे नाव रेनाटा ब्रॉन आहे आणि मी मेक्सिको सिटीमध्ये राहणारा मेक्सिकन आहे. माझे जीवन बदलले आहे आणि दररोज बदलत राहते धन्यवाद ThetaHealing
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