Kealoha Cristiano Okalani

An Independent Certified Practitioner, Instructor, Master, Certificate of Science

English,Portuguese,Spanish,French,Mandarin Chinese

My Upcoming Classes

Manifesting and Abundance United States of America May 8 - 9, 2021 Learn More
Game of Life Kauai, HI  United States of America May 14 - 16, 2021 Learn More
You and the Creator Kauai, HI  United States of America Jun 5 - 6, 2021 Learn More
Rainbow Children Young Adult Kauai, HI  United States of America Jun 24 - 27, 2021 Learn More
Animal Seminar Kauai, HI  United States of America Jul 9, 2021 Learn More
Soul Mate Kauai, HI  United States of America Jul 16 - 17, 2021 Learn More
You and Your Significant Other Kauai, HI  United States of America Aug 8 - 9, 2021 Learn More
Intuitive Anatomy Kauai, HI  United States of America Sep 13 - Oct 1, 2021 Learn More
Disease and Disorder Kauai, HI  United States of America Oct 11 - 22, 2021 Learn More
DNA 3 Kauai, HI  United States of America Nov 11 - 15, 2021 Learn More

About Me

I was born a natural healer, clairsentient, clairvoyant, and clairaudient.
I remember how challenging it was as a child, not knowing how to deal with, to whom to talk to... framed into the collective consciousness, religious dogmas and family beliefs.
Today, I am referred as a Healer, a Mystic, a Master, indeed the Highest Truth is, Creator/ God/ Universal Force/ Higher Consciouness works through me.

Alternative, holistic, vibrational and complementary medicine contributed to remind me attributes of my Self (Soul), the sacredness and wholeness of my existence as an Infinite Being.

Extra Credentials

I provide Emotional, Psychological, Physical & Spiritual Healing. In addition to that, I can teach you how you can help yourself and improve all aspects of your life, (from your personal, social, academic, to your professional life) by achieving the harmonious connection of body, mind & soul.
I also support my fellowmen as a Self-Motivation & Self-Improvement author.
Treatments in person or remotely.
For futher details, please visit:


"I had a healing session and it was one of the best I had. Very kind and warm person and always willing to help with his broad knowledge...I can highly recommend his sessions."

Michelle Totschnig

"I had a couple of sessions with him and was so ridiculously happy, relaxed and calm each time afterward, like I had spent a year at a spiritual wellness spa for body, mind and soul, that's how good it was. He is incredibly intuitive, sharp, and so lovely he shines through his eyes and his voice. I just spoke to him and I am feeling high on life and drunk with joy. He is the best of the best. He truly is."

Marta Cerovečki

"So far I had two sessions with Kealoha. He fully restored my full breath, which for thirteen (13) years has been emphysema like, very shallow, constricted and all the time kept me gasping for air. Also the excruciating pains in my chest completely disappeared. And he brought me tranquility I forgot it existed. Kealoha works on the ground level of programming/contracts, that is responsible for everything in our lives, therefore his results are not temporary. Unlike all other treatments I had in those 13 years the results are much deeper and are LASTING..Highly recommended."

Slawomir Grobicki

"Kealoha is an excellent facilitator for re-membering and healing. A true healer's healer. Mahalo"

Love Lori

"To be successful and stretch beyond your fears requires a calm mind, peaceful soul and a full heart. That is why Energy healing and working on your well-being is absolutely crucial and you must surround yourself with people and modalities that help you achieve that. I highly recommend Kealoha. He’s a truly amazing healer, in the purest form. His connection and alignment to source are unshakable and therefore he can channel everything you need for your personal growth. He’s also a wonderful human and a gentle spirit."

Desi G Ivanova

"He wahi leo mahalo kēia iā Kealoha no ke aʻo ʻana mai iaʻu i ka ʻike, ka mana a me ke aloha a Ka Haku. Na ka hana a Kealoha e kākoʻo a kōkua mai iaʻu ma nā mea āpau o koʻu ola. Hoʻoikaika ʻia ka pilina me Ka Haku, ka ʻāina, nā kūpuna a me nā ʻaumākua. ʻO ka mauliola ka mea nui o ko kākou mau ola a inā he pono nā mea āpau o ke ola, e ola nō kākou me ke aloha he nui. ʻO ke aloha nō ka mea a kākou e hōʻike aku ai i ko kākou mau ʻohana, hoaloha, hoa hana a me ka ʻāina. I ko kākou mālama ʻana i ke kino, ka naʻau a me ka puʻuwai, e maikaʻi ana ko kākok mau ola. E ʻike au i koʻu kuleana ma ia honua nei a he waiwai ko ia no ka lehulehu. He kumu nō ko kēla me kēia kanaka ma ka honua a ua ʻimi a loaʻa iaʻu ke kumu i mea e mālama aku ai i nā keiki o Hawaiʻi nei ma ka ʻōlelo a me ʻike Hawaiʻi. I ka wā ma mua, kaumaha loa au a manaʻo au ʻaʻohe oʻu kumu i koʻu ola a i ko māua ʻo Kealoha launa ʻana, ua hoʻololi ʻia koʻu ola a nui ka hauʻoli. E pule au i Ka Haku, koʻu mau kūpuna nā mea i hala a me ka ʻāina no ka hoʻomalu, mālama, kākoʻo a kōkua ʻana mai ma nā mea āpau. Mahalo au iā lākou pākahi āpau no nā mea no ka pono o koʻu noho honua ʻana. Me ke aloha a me ka haʻahaʻa nō hoʻi"

Kekoa Tango

"Obrigada por ter me ajudado nas sessões que tive contigo, me mostra sempre o caminho a seguir com clareza, calma e confiança. Ao término de cada sessão me sinto mais conectada com Deus em mim, me sinto mais otimista e calma. Quando me sinto perdida, vc me ajuda para que eu consiga por si só encontrar a resposta e o caminho melhor que devo seguir. Obrigada "

Jaqueline Duraes


MeiHui Qi

"Tive uma sessão relacionado à surdez profunda e Kealoha deu-me conselhos muito bons e expandiu-me muito a consciência sobre a minha jornada. A forma como Kealoha aborda o poder da presença, a forma de enxergar a vida apesar das adversidades faz-nos esclarecer que os problemas somos nós que os criamos e que tudo já é perfeito como é. Também me fez uma cirurgia espiritual e liberou-me todo o poder de cura. Estou agradecido pela qualidade de conhecimento que Kealoha demonstra e numa forma muito fácil e acessível. Recomendo a qualquer um que precise de um caminho mais aberto na sua jornada!"

Alexandre Cruz
Direct e-mail

"无论在生命进程的任何进度阶段,你都需要得到西塔。 你的灵魂没有伤痕,它需要治愈。治愈而唤起你曾遗失的渴望---灵性,能力与天赋。相比存在于颜色与食物中的“治愈系”体感,西塔生命方式是一套更合理,艺术性更强完整的程式,下载真实,持久,再生的物质存在与精神体验。 你需要一门人类学,作为想象力的激发本源与作为生物存在稳健的根基,而可以真正完成你的家庭在孩提时期对你日后生命最根本和美好的祝愿---愿你茁壮,愿你成长。 你的使命,是救赎。 不是苦难,是热烈,是渴望,与深爱。 加入Kealoha家庭!生命中,我们将一度会见你。"

Weiyi Hu - Gigi



"Excellent journey!!!! Opened me spiritually....I have recommended, Kealoha, to my family and friends!!!"

Valli Ananda

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