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About Me

Hi! My name is Jessie, and I'm proud to call myself a ThetaHealer!
I was Divinely guided to ThetaHealing in Feb 2013, and have been learning, growing, and helping others to do the same ever since!  I've seen my life transform before my eyes and improve in all areas.  I'm a completely different person, but at the same time, have never felt so much like the real ME.  As I peel away the layers of all that is not in resonance with my soul, my heart and inspiration for life swells bigger and bigger and I enjoy each day more and more!  Life is a journey, not a destination!  I am an avid student of ThetaHealing, so that I can always be at my highest and best for all of my students and clients.  I've seen that consistancy with anything in life will always lead to finding and achieving our goals.  It doesn't take all of our focus all of the time to be in tune with our hearts, it does, however, take conisistent attention for the duration of our lives.  When we heal the overwhelming issues/beliefs/emotions/trauma of the moment, it opens us up to start Creating the life of our dreams!  I release the parts of me that aren't actually I'm creating the life I was absolutely meant to live!  I would be honored and SOOO excited to help you do the same! 
Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about my ThetaHealing seminars (if you'd like to learn to do the technique yourself), or one-on-one healing sessions (if you'd like me to help release what is standing in your way to being and feeling free, happy and in love with life ;)

Extra Credentials

In addition to my Theta Healing Certifications, I am also a Certified Transformational Life Coach since 2015


"I can't begin to express the amount of gratitude I have for Jessie in my life and the many different people I've recommended her to (who have also used her as well, by the way!). As I journey towards fulfilling my dreams, she has assisted in numerous different ways with her clearing sessions, bridging the gap by bringing understanding, healing, joy, closure, peace, and so much more to my experiences and things I've been unable to process on my own. Theta healing sessions with Jessie have helped transform my life in so many different ways and are continuing to do so as I climb a new, even higher mountain each time that I reach a goal and am ready to create something new. I have so much love and respect for her - you can truly sense the passion she has for helping people, and the results are so immediate, I am sometimes left in awe after each one of our sessions because of how many different things we uncover or how deep we can go into certain limiting beliefs that were established in my past. It's amazing to see how these things influence your everyday life or sometimes block you from achieving greatness and I just can't say enough good things about working with her - open yourself up to this experience, you will absolutely be amazed! 100% recommended. "

Carolina Q
Houston, TX

"Wow...My life has changed dramatically in the past year. When I met Jessie, I was a mess. I had no idea how I was going to get from where I was to where I want to be. She has helped me by releasing those darn limiting beliefs. Now I'm living to my highest and best potential! The ThetaHealing Technique is marvelous. I am so happy and proud to have taken the classes she has provided. Now I can change lives just like my beautiful mentor. Thank you and stay Blessed! "

Chris J
San Leon, TX

"Doing Theta sessions with Jessie and also being certified in ThetaHealing in her classes, has been nothing short of a life changing experience. As a practitioner, she is kind and listens well, and always knows the right questions to ask that might be uncomfortable, but ultimately leads to uncovering the key beliefs that are limiting my growth. She is very intuitive and I always feel comfortable even when sharing very private things. She's really adept at putting you at ease and making you feel that what you're sharing is valid. I have taken three classes from her: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, and Dig Deeper. As a teacher she is concise and easy to learn from, and makes the entire process fun! She illustrates the core concepts of ThetaHealing clearly and practically, in a way that it is easy to see how much we will benefit from implementing the Theta technique in our daily lives. I already loved ThetaHealing as a client, but now as a practitioner I have a new found passion for sharing this with anyone that is open to this type of healing and change! I wouldn't have had such an amazing journey to the present moment without Jessie being so willing to share her talent and appreciation for the ThetaHealing technique. I'm forever grateful that she encouraged me in becoming a practitioner, and that she followed her passion in becoming an instructor."

Kateri S
Harker Heights, TX

"Change is never easy but it's necessary! It's because I decided to change my unhappy situation I was once in that I'm happy and healthy today! So grateful to have taken that leap of faith!! And I have Jessie Lavery and the Theta Therapy that she offers to thank for making all these changes much easier to go thru. Anytime I feel resistance to something or feel deeply emotional over something (the uncomfortable part), I schedule a session and we're able to delve into why, resolve it and feel completely free and confident afterwards. It's truly unbelievable and life just keeps getting better. Thank you Jessie!"

Cristina H
Pasedena, TX

"I've taken two of Jessie's ThetaHealing courses and have also had a private session with her. As an instructor, I learned so much from her guidance and support. She held a wonderful space for me to expand and grow in my intuitive abilities. She creates a warm, loving and supportive atmosphere. As a practitioner, wow. I've reached the biggest breakthrough in my life thanks to the session I had with her. I've shifted out of old patterns of behavior and thinking in the deepest way possible. She is truly skilled at getting down to the core issue and making sure everything is complete."

Michall M
Dallas, TX

"An Experience Worth Having! I met Jessie through one of my close friends and started off as a client before I was encouraged to take the leap into being a ThetaHealing practitioner. I have had the privilege to take her in-person class , as well as her online class. Both offer so much information, practice, and encouragement to follow your truth, and listen to your connection with Creator. In her class, you will be provided with the tools to enhance your journey, yet gain a community that helps each other grow into a better Practitioner. Jessie's insight and creditability can be seen through her teaching process and her perseverance. I can't wait to take the next course, AdvancedDNA."

Kaitlin R.
El Paso, TX

"Jessie is an absolutely wonderful teacher of theta healing. I was blessed to recently take the You and the Creator course from her. She was absolutely clear in how she got this complex material across. She did this in a way that created a working understanding of the material that was experiential. She was very present and totally patient the entire time. My learning of this material has already helped me in work I have done with my clients. She really has a knack for generating understanding of what she is teaching and reinforces what we learn as she goes along. Also her positive and upbeat energy throughout the entire two day workshop was impressive and infectious. I highly recommend taking a theta healing course from Jessie."

Keith K

"Jessica Lavery is a masterful theta healer and teacher. After one session with her as a healer, my world changed in profound and impactful ways. Personal relationships and conversations with family members went from volatile to peaceful. Long-standing tensions with professional relationships immediately disappeared. I am even sleeping better! Due to the instantaneous results, I have started studying under Jessie so I can hope to offer the service and support she gives so generously. ThetaHealing is not like any other modality I have worked with or experienced, I have been through them all. If you want to change your life, your trajectory, and your easeful flow, please schedule some time with Jessie (asap)."

Nicole B

"I was first introduced to ThetaHealing during a practice session with a friend who had just learned Theta. I was so blown away by the results it yielded in that one session that I became curious. My friend was kind enough to share her teacher's name and I immediately signed up for the first class offering. I haven't looked back since. Jessie is an amazing teacher. She is kind, nurturing and effective. Because of her and her understanding of Theta, belief work and her impeccable ability to teach, I'm able to hone in on the right questions to ask and the new beliefs that need to be downloaded. I've walked away from my classes with Jessie with so much valuable information. The two things, however, that are priceless is trusting myself and knowing that Creator is the healer. Thank you so much Jessie."

Marilynn P
New York

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