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Do I have to have prior training to attend? 

Each webinar comes with its specific set of prerequisites. While some are accessible and open to anyone, others may be more beneficial if you are a ThetaHealing Practitioner or a ThetaHealing Instructor. Explore the Webinar Details section to understand the requirements.

Is there a recording? 

All ThetaHealing webinars are recorded and made available after the live event. This allows participants to access the content at their convenience and revisit the material as needed. Seminars and Enhancement Classes are exclusive live events, and attendance is required to complete the seminar. Unlike webinars, these sessions are not recorded for later viewing. 

How can I access the recorded ThetaHealing Webinars?

All recordings for free ThetaHealing webinars are accessible on the website under [Link]. For paid webinars, replays are provided via email to registered students after the live event.

Can I purchase the replay if I haven’t managed to sign up for the live webinar?

Yes, you have the option to buy the replay even if you were unable to sign up for the live event. Simply visit [LINK] to make your purchase and access the recorded content at your convenience.