If you really want to know something you need to teach it. You have completed a teacher’s class; I hope you learned a lot. You can always learn more. The one thing about ThetaHealing is it is always evolving and changing and the one thing about working with students is you have a chance of helping many people at one time. Change their lives, create new realities, and change the world one person at a time. Even though there are many in your classroom they all count, they all matter. Go into the classes with love and you will have an amazing experience. You are amazing!
Vianna Stibal, Founder of ThetaHealing

This is Your Instructor Dashboard

Here you will find tools to support you and help you grow as a ThetaHealing Instructor. The website is constantly being updated with new features to use on your path to success. Below you will find quick links to articles and resources to assist you with learning the website.

This profile is where you will come to access your teaching materials, promote events and make your students certificates. We invite you to click through the site, become familiar with the site and of course download your page to invite the students that are awakened masters and ready to learn to find you. 

Take a minute to Check Your Profile and make sure it is complete and accurate. If you wish to shown PUBLICLY on the site, so people can search for you, make sure that Make Your Account PUBLIC.  

Updates and Staying Connected

ThetaHealing is growing technique. To stay connected we use your profile here on Thetahealing.com, emails and even our Facebook. One of the best ways to be up to date is attending an instructors seminar. Here you have the opportunity to learn the newest information with the technique.
You can get in touch with us anytime if you have questions, concerns or want to share your story.