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About me

Mission: To Learn. To Teach. To Heal. Vision: To guide myself and those around me to unlock our true potential to be our best selves in our thoughts and actions. To Learn. I have always had an enthusiastic interest in the field of spirituality and human potential.  My entire life has been a journey to become my best self and to find peace, belonging, truth, and connection to The Creator Of All That Is. I love to learn and have spent my life exploring spiritual, self-help, and leadership texts that have helped me learn and grow along the way.  My path has not been straight.  It has been fraught with challenges, struggles, and heartache.  But it is through these experiences that I have been able to find myself and develop empathy and connection to others. To Teach. Additionally, I have always had a passion to support, coach, and teach those around me, even as a young child.  I have lead curriculum design and professional development initiatives in education since 2005. My time in education has allowed me to hone my interpersonal and leadership skills and I have achieved great success along the way.  In both intimate and professional settings, I am sought after to provide personal coaching and professional development.  To Heal. Over the years, I have explored and experienced various healing modalities.  It was not until I discovered ThetaHealing® that I truly felt connected to the power of The Creator.  ThetaHealing® has had a profound experience on my life! And, now I am dedicated and passionate to share each aspect of my journey with the world – To teach and guide people through the healing powers of ThetaHealing® + the supportive personal coaching strategies to empower each person to be the best they can be in both their thoughts and actions.  All paths along my personal journey have led to Towanda Wellbeing, enabling me to connect, educate, and heal those around me.  
Tammy uses her training and her intuitive abilities to work very effectively to help clients to heal themselves by defining and eliminating limiting beliefs that are held on the subconscious level. She assists you in changing those beliefs through meditation and focused prayer. Experiencing The ThetaHealing Technique is best described as an attaina…
Robert Voges
Tammy is an amazing ThetaHealer that creates a safe environment where you feel heard. She cares about you and works with the Creator to shift your beliefs for your highest and best good. I recommend her to anyone that wants to change their life in magical ways.
Cindy Hadfield, Author

My Upcoming Seminars

United States of America
January 19 – 21, 2024

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Face to face and online instructor.

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