Renu Agrawal

DNA4 and Planes of Existence2 Practitioner
  • New Delhi, DL, India
  • Uttar Pradesh, UP, India
  • Punjab, PB, India
  • English
  • Hindi

About me

Renu’s spiritual journey started owing to the various health issues (which included 8 damaged discs, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in both wrists, damaged knees, to name a few). In January 2009, she was advised to go for immediate surgery for CTS in both her wrists and was told that had she not got the surgery done within a month, she would be paralytic in both her wrists. It was at this time a friend mentioned about ThetaHealing® and on further exploration Renu decided to learn and apply the techniques on herself.
In February 2009, she spent two weeks taking the Basic DNA2, Advanced DNA2 and Manifestation and Abundance courses of ThetaHealing® and following that worked on herself for six hours a day for three weeks. By end of March 2009, she stopped all medications and visits to hospitals, a routine for the last 14 years. With this amazing miracle in her life her interest in ThetaHealing® grew and she pursued further higher courses and committed herself to beautify the lives of others.

ThetaHealing® as per Renu is ‘A Way of Life’ which helps us achieve ease in every area of our lives.
Seeing the transformation in Renu and in the atmosphere in the house, her husband Kailash also joined her in this journey and both have done all the courses of ThetaHealing®. To help transform people’s lives through the principles of ThetaHealing®, Kailash has decided to make the courses more accessible to the local community by being the first trainer to provide these courses in Hindi.

Renu has inspired a number of people including doctors, engineers, accountants and professors at various universities to overcome their personal issues through the miracle of ThetaHealing®. In her own family, fifty one members from three generations, including her parents, inlaws and daughters have been inspired by Renu’s transformation and have subsequently attended the courses and experienced the benefits and joy of ThetaHealing®.   Having attracted students from different backgrounds, Renu and Kailash learnt various other modalities to empower the students to use what they had learnt through ThetaHealing® to enhance their healings.   Renu and Kailash having travelled worldwide, are open to facilitating ThetaHealing® courses in English, Hindi and Punjabi in India and abroad. Renu is a very compassionate lady working with utmost integrity and dedication, facilitating healings of ‘Creator, the Energy of All That Is’ on people in India and abroad. Her commitment, honor and gratitude for the modality, for Creator- the source of everything, for Ms Vianna Stibal- founder of ThetaHealing® and for her trainers is immense and their blessings are guiding Renu and Kailash on their Divine Path.
Renu and her husband Kailash both hold the Certificate of Science from ThetaHealing® Institute of Knowledge, USA and are facilitating all the courses of ThetaHealing® together.   Renu is also a Cost and Management Accountant by profession and a dedicated wife and a mother of two  daughters. She was born and brought up in India and had her higher education in Zambia and London. Out of her love for India she decided to get married and settled in India in 1991.

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Reiki Grandmaster and Karuna Reiki Master Clinical Hypnotherapist Past life Regressionist Cell Regeneration therapist Access Bars, Body Processes and Energetic Facelift Facilitator B&C Miracle Method practitioner and …    

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