Natascha Kramer

  • Hamburg, H+H, Germany
  • English
  • German
Natascha is a very sensitive and highly competent healer and training teacher. I have been able to attend many theta training courses with her and am enthusiastic about her professional competence and naturally sovereign charisma, energetically opening and holding a powerful space for my own healing. I am professionally active in the coaching …
Mirja Lang
I never thought that thanks to Theta-Healing and Natascha’s support, so much would change in my life. Actually, I "only" wanted to cure my illnesses. Now I have learned that the by-product of a happy life is simply health and the two cannot be viewed separately. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Nane Sommer
Natascha has a wonderful gift of conveying knowledge lovingly and authentically. I did some training with her, which has enriched my life a lot. Natascha works in a structured way and you receive very good documents. Through these seminars I was able to get to know a new dimension of perception. Thank you dear Natasha!
Sonja Albrech

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