Maria Gould

  • Canada, Canada
  • Vanderhoof, British Columbia, Canada
  • Willing to travel, contact for details
  • Available for ThetaHealing Sessions
  • English

About me

Welcome to the website.   My name is Maria Gould, a Certificate of Science and Master Theta Healing Instructor.   I am an empath by birthright and have often found the world an overwhelming and harsh place.  Theta Healing has taught me to embrace this Divine Gift and I now specialize in helping other empaths shift into a place of liberation with this ability.     I have created the Healer’s Heart Empathic Program, an online course to guide fellow empaths through the profound shifts and life changing techniques that I have discovered by the Grace of the Creator, and Theta Healing.  I would be honored to help you Shift from being overwhelmed and barely coping to Shining your Light.   You can also contact me through my personal website at I would be honored to play in the Energy of All That Is with you.

My Upcoming Seminars

May 25 – 26, 2024
July 13 – 13, 2024
July 14 – 14, 2024
July 15 – August 02, 2024

Extra Credentials

Certified Tai-Mai Reiki Master Teacher. Chakra Yoga Instructor Certified Bodyworker and Creator of the Dawning Light Bodyworker Program Creator of the Healer’s Heart Empath Program (online learning) Life Coach, speciallizing in Awakening or Overwhelmed Sensitives