Laura Barker

Transformational Spiritual Life Coach, Soul Healer & Educator
  • Crawley, United Kingdom
  • London, United Kingdom
  • Brighton and Hove, United Kingdom
  • English

About me

Laura Barker – Welcome!

Hi and a HUGE friendly welcome to you. I am a very happy, grateful wife & mum of two, residing in the beautiful South of England. Growing up, I was always surrounded by spirituality so I am honoured and humbled to now help others not only emopower themselves and transform their life, but the beautiful souls around them using their connection to The Creator/Source energy. This all done with a bucket load of love, support, kindeness and sprinkling of fun along the way! My classes are nurturing, fun and tender. Witnessing souls grow and establish their own unique connection with the Creator/Source energy is one of my divine purposes within this lifetime and I thrive by accomplishing this suurounded with divine Joy. It would be my honour and privilege to show you how. Love, Light and Blessings, Laura
I’ve been trying to write this for a while now and have struggled to find the words so I’m just going to go with it. I had a Theta Healing session with Laura a few weeks ago now and WOW! I knew what I needed to work on but it was big and it was deep and I didn’t really know what the belief was just what needed some work, Laura was incredible at ho…
Rachel J
Online Theta Healing Session
I have known Laura for quite a few years. So it was no surprise to me when I found out she had decided to practice Theta Healing. I had a Theta Healing session with Laura on Wednesday afternoon and since then it’s been non-stop, quite a lot happened in the session and so much clearing was done. Blockages that have been there for many …
Suzanne S
Theta healing Session
Yesterday, I had the most amazing Theta Healing session with Laura. I can’t even begin to explain the magnitude of this healing. At some points it was quite difficult, it was a lot of digging to find out the root cause of certain things, and as it transpires, I had to be released from a promise that I had made my mum. There was a lot to do with f…
Androulla C
Online Theta Healing Session

My Upcoming Seminars

United Kingdom
June 06 – 08, 2023
United Kingdom
June 27 – 28, 2023
United Kingdom
July 04 – 05, 2023

Extra Credentials

Intuitive Energy Coach   Spiritual Life Coach   Intructor & Practitioner in Quantum Holographic Echo Healing®️   Instructor & Practitioner in The Activation Method™️   EFT Tapping Practitioner    Meditation Facilitator   Angel Healing Practitioner