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About me

My work with ThetaHealing started in 2012 and I became a ThetaHealing Master and Certificate of Science in 2014. My goal is to help people who feel stuck and overwhelmed transform to feeling confident and stress-free so they can lead an inspiring life that makes them happy. Always attracted to the phenomenon of metamorphosis, I was driven to teach ThetaHealing by my passion for transformation in our mindset, in order to create changes in our lives. I feel very happy and complete when seeing people leave happier, well armed and taking responsibility for their own lives.
“Working with Ioanna has been profoundly and powerfully healing and supportive on my path of personal growth and transformation. In addition to being nurturing, forthright and sincere, Ioanna is exceptionally intuitive, and she employs her gifts skillfully, efficiently and compassionately. After only three sessions with Ioanna I have experienced su…
Houston, Texas

My Upcoming Seminars

February 17 – 19, 2023
March 02 – 13, 2023

Extra Credentials

Professional Translator & Interpreter in English, Greek and German. Co-Owner of Wize Bee Publications which publishes ThetaHealing books in Greek. Country Interpreter / Communicator and Country Event Coordinator for Greece.

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