Irina Whitmer

  • Upper Marlboro – Annapolis – Baltimore, Maryland, United States of America
  • Northern Virginia, Virginia, United States of America
  • Saint-Petersburg, Russia
  • English
  • Russian

About me

Hi, I’m Irina Whitmer, a Russian, a Navy spouse, a traveler, and a Certified ThetaHealing® Practitioner, currently residing in Maryland, the United States, and offering online healing sessions worldwide. After many years of teaching, training, and consulting, I came across the ThetaHealing technique. The results of using it for myself and my clients have been completely miraculous and significantly expanded on what I was already doing. Not only the ThetaHealing technique helped me grow personally and professionally, it also allowed me to overcome the traumatic time of losing my mother in 2020 and learn how to honor her through joy and love. I have successfully applied the ThetaHealing technique to so many aspects of my own healing journey as well as my clients, and I’m so happy to continue to offer the sessions to anyone we’re aligned with to the best and highest. Contact me today to chat so we could decide if we’re meant to work together.  

Extra Credentials

Business and Personal Empowerment Coach at Empowered by Irina, LLC Over 11 years of teaching, training, and consulting. Public speaking for three years. Psychology degree from St. Petersburg University, the main university of St. Peterburg, Russia (2011). Eight certifications in the ThetaHealing® technique and counting (since 2019). Certified Professional Coach by World Coach Institute (2020). Certified Free-Me™ EFT practitioner (since 2022).

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