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I have worked with Dr Allison personally as a client and professionally as healer, called to bring Theta Healing to others. I have received theta healing from Dr Allison on several occasions. Each session left me feeling unburdened and filled with peace. She brings all of who she is and shows up to every session for the highest and greatest go…
Barbara D
There are so many wonderful things I can say about Dr A and theta healing. The most important is that after healing sessions and some classes, I feel like it’s actually possible and it’s safe to exist in my own body, with my own thoughts, and to manifest the life I’d love to live. Coming from illness, physical and emotional trauma, and ptsd, to tak…
Daisy S
My first experience with Theta Healing was just over two years ago when my mother was diagnosed with cancer. I was experiencing a lot of fear around losing my mother. I reached out to Dr.Allison in hopes of releasing some of those fears and clearing some of my own childhood traumas. After my first session I felt extremely relieved that what I was e…
Ericka C
I discovered Theta healing at the end of July in 2020 and I have NEVER regretted one session or class I’ve taken. I highly recommend EVERY ONE to experience the life changing modality of Theta Healing. As you go through life, you often hear these common phrases: “Just let it go”. “You need to let it go”. “Give it to God”. “You need to love you…
Ashlee Morris
So after my 6 sessions, I can say that I think theta healing is amazing. Not only does it get right to the root trauma/cause/programming so quickly but then it moves you right through it to heal and reprogram. It’s like years of therapy in each session. I feel so much lighter. So much of my negative self talk and anxiety is gone which leaves more r…
Frieda M.
Tap into the power of self healing with Theta Therapy. ThetaHealing is a type of meditative state that connects us to “the creator”, “the universe”, or whichever spiritual philosophy you subscribe to. Dr Snowden helps facilitate the connection to this all powerful energy source. With her guidance I was able to clear current and past traumas. I was …
Jenn F.
I was introduced to Theta healing by a friend; after some research, I decided it wasn't for me. Months went by, and I could not stop thinking about Dr. Snowden and if she really could help me. I have had years of traditional therapy with various therapists, but it never seemed to help. I have been struggling with anxiety and depression, and honestl…
Melissa J.
I wanted to take the time to write a review for Allison’s ThetaHealing intuitive anatomy training for anyone curious or contemplating going themselves. If you are thoroughly ready to heal and shift your life… the way you see yourself forever- DO IT. I had previously done the online ThetaHealing classes with Allison which were amazing… but there is…
Brittany K.
Dr Allison Snowden is a phenomenal Theta Healing Teacher. Her deep passion, abundant experience and purpose-filled mission make her the perfect one to learn from. Even if you never plan on holding sessions I highly recommend taking her courses to become certified. You step into a higher version of yourself through the certification process and take…
Nicole W.
It’s been over a week and I am still blown away by the Theta Healing Basic DNA course! From the incredible connections built to the results we experienced, Dr. Allison facilitated such a practical and supportive learning environment. There were definitely times where I felt pushed to my limit to experience a breakthrough as Dr. Allison has the expe…
Dr. Rachel Lee
I find it really hard to put into words how much my life has improved since finding Dr. Allison and Theta Healing. How do you express what it truly feels like to love, accept, trust & respect yourself? How do you write down the feeling of lifetimes of pain, shame, grief and trauma being lifted from your shoulders? There are no words. It feels i…
Emily S.

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