Megan Bovis

  • Kalispell, Montana, United States of America
  • Montana, Montana, United States of America
  • Willing to travel, contact for details
  • Available for ThetaHealing Sessions
  • English

About me

Why ThetaHealing®?

ThetaHealing® brought my love for healing to a whole new level. It opened me up to the beauty that exists in every soul. ThetaHealing is a technique for bringing that beauty and truth to the forefront so that you can create a beautiful life, healthy body and loving and lasting relationships. 
Megan is professional, empathetic and grounded. I came to Megan’s charming office emotionally shut down, terrified of an impending divorce, suffering from chronic fatigue, joint pain, anxiety, brain fog and a host of additional symptoms of Lyme disease that I could not get under control, despite a team of doctors and therapists… Today I am a diff
Megan is such a skillful, caring practitioner with her words and presence. The interplay between flower essences, biofield tuning, energy work, and theta healing is profound on so many planes. Insights and the "work" from this session still continues to integrate in to my reality. Ever grateful for your good works, Megan
Megan's work can't be overstated. She is the rare combination of deep intuition, skillful counseling and effective, loving guide to transformation. Can't recommend her enough!

Extra Credentials

Flower Essence Practitioner, Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner, Reiki Level 3