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About me

I am certified to teach the following ThetaHealing Seminars: – Basic DNA – Advanced DNA – Dig Deeper – Manifesting & Abundance     I am certified in following ThetaHealing seminars as Practitioners: – Basic DNA – Advanced DNA – Dig Deeper – Manifesting & Abundance – You and Significant Other – You and The Creator – Animal Seminar – Intuitive Anatomy – You and Inner Circle – World Relations   I am an artist (visual and performing, entrepreneur and a coach.   I have experience with other modalities of Healing including Reiki, Meditation, Accupressure. However after experiencing Theta Healing, I practice Theta healing exclusively. 
Ajitha is the most positive person I have come across. She helped me a lot with my anxiety and depression in only a couple of sessions. After every session with her, I felt calm, balanced and forward looking, while before the session I was mentally an end of life state. Thanks a lot Ajitha for the Unconditional Love and guidance you showered on me….
"After my one hour session with Ajitha, I could sense amazing transformation with my energy level. Having back to back meetings at work with the larger Audience, I could see my anxiety level has reduced. Was able speak in the crowd without fear and flawlessly, now I am able to see myself with earlier confidence. I knew there was some blockage,…
"I was recently invited to attend a webinar, presented by Ajitha Srinivasan. The topic of the webinar was Theta healing.  But for the fact that just a few days back I had read about similar topic on how during the formative years of early childhood, when the brain is in a theta state, what is fed in by parents and the surroundings stay for lif…
New Jersey
I met Ajitha by chance and learned that she was a Theta Healing practitioner so I read about Theta Healing online and wanted to give it a try. I did not know about the four kinds of brain waves that they explained on their website and the method seemed to be innovating, based on our connection to everything. Ajitha seemed very spiritually gifted so…
Weeks before I had session with Ajitha I was feeling very knotty in my chest or feeling too open and vulnerable. I had gotten out of a long toxic marriage. I felt I needed healing before I move ahead. Ajitha has this ability to get a grasp of your situation without you saying much. She made me replace the negative thoughts with positive learnings. …

My Upcoming Seminars

United States of America
February 18 – 20, 2023

Extra Credentials

Engineer, MBA, Creative Artist, Singer, Corporate Executive, Entrepreneur, Business Mentor and Coach