Marla Ballard

  • USA, United States of America
  • Taiwan, Taiwan, Republic of China
  • Washington, D.C., United States of America
  • Willing to travel, contact for details
  • Available for ThetaHealing Sessions
  • English

About me

   I am a wife to a Purple Heart veteran, successful businesswoman, animal lover, athlete, writer, D&D player, born Kentuckian, avid suburban farmer, and wildlife enthusiast. (Of all my credentials, these are my favorites.)  I absolutely love to help empower people to prosper and have more freedom, abundance, joy and success in life! 
   ThetaHealing continues to be one of the most amazing and magical experiences I’ve ever had.  I was introduced to ThetaHealing by my business coach in 2015 to help me clear some old trauma that had me stuck and exhausted in many areas of my life.  It was miraculous, and as I moved deeper into the training and personal develoment field, I knew that I wanted to make this technique available to help empower everyone I work with.  Feel free to contact me directly or schedule a discovery call on my website.  I welcome connecting with you!  
   Contact: 1-888-458-6763,

Extra Credentials

Founder & Co-Creator of Jump Off Point International; Professional Enlightenment Coach™; Over 25 years in Business and over 15 years experience training, developing, mentoring, coaching, and consulting for thousands of small business owners, career professionals, military and first responders, leaders, and sales teams; Top World-Wide Producer and Trainer for International Wellness Organization; Certificate of Science ThetaHealing® Practitioner & Instructor; Certified Free mE™ EFT Practitioner & Instructor; Worldwide Prosper mE™ Coordinator and Lead Coach for Possibility Publishing; International Bestselling Author; Speaker, and Bachelor of Science in Animal Science

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