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About me

My name is Lena. I invite you to connect to all that you are, heart, soul, and source. In this connection to the deepest layers of your self, find the love that you are, the reason you exist, the answers for your questions, the guidance you long for and the creative energy that flows through all.

Your heart is a doorway to unconditional love and deepest knowing. In your heart, you know why you exist, why you are in this body and you know where you are headed. 
And most imoportantly, you know that you are one with the source of love, the source that moves through all.
I have seen countless times – for myself and others – that healing and transformation happen with unconditional love. Let me hold this space of unconditional love for you and support you to remember and connect to this place yourself.
I share my love and knowledge in private sessions and group workshops. I also teach the amazing ThetaHealing technique.
Absolutely life changing experience taking Basic and Advanced DNA with Lena and Fernando. Their deep and wide body of knowledge and experience with healing and their humility in how they share it touched me in a way that nothing ever has before. So much healing, so many positive shifts in all areas of my life, and best of all, amazing and powerful …
Dear Lena, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful and special Advanced DNA seminar. Your warm-hearted manner made me feel so secure in the 3 days. At the same time, I was able to take so much knowledge with me and take another important step in my personal development. I am already looking forward to the next seminar. All the be…
"Vielen Dank!!! Mir geht es anders als vorher, ich sehe, erkenne viel mehr über mich! Und ich lasse immer mehr und mehr los. Ich fühle mich leichter und ich bin glücklich, ich danke dir so sehr!"
Lena is magic. She was my Theta Healing Instructor and I felt her love right away. Her heart is crystal clear and so is her teaching. With her connection to source and deep conviction that everybody can connect to source whenever he/she wants, she opened a door for me. Love her so much.
"Dear Lena I got to know the fascinating world of ThetaHealing® with you. From the first to the last part of my training with you, I always felt safe and held. Through your intuition, your empathetic guidance, I not only got to know and safely use ThetaHealing®. No. It was so much more what I got. I was able to heal, let go and close, understa…
"Ich liebe die ThetaHealing Seminare von Lena. Sie sind klar, gut strukturiert und Lenas intuitive Fähigkeiten sind wirklich beeindruckend. Ich fühle mich dort immer gut aufgehoben und optimal begleitet. Lieben Dank und bis zum nächsten Seminar, liebe Lena!"
"I've completed several seminars and a mentoring programme with Lena and also had a handful of sessions with her. Lena is by far my favourite ThetaHealing teacher and practitioner – it has always been a pleasure to work with her. She is very intuitive and knowledgeable and guides you with compassion, joy and ease to greater understanding and t…
Thetahealing with Lena has been one of the most transformative experiences and something I have been looking for in my life. I can‘t express how thankful I am for her wonderful being. Lena is truly an amazing teacher and mentor, who lives what she teaches and enables others to bring their light into this world. Lots of Love
Wow! My heart and spirit were truly seen from the eyes of non judgement, and in this loving space that Lena held I experienced a unique and meaningful period of growth. During The ThetaHealing Basic DNA and Advanced DNA seminars the theme was “Remember Why You Came Here” and this sacred time for me it was a time of remembrance, and in that period …
Jordan Hope
I release so much during my basic and advanced DNA session. It was tough, but Lena was so supportive and made sure I was okay during the entire 6 days. These courses have given me amazing tools to have for the rest of my life! I am forever grateful! ❤️
“Ich kam wegen wiederkehrender allergischer Reaktionen zum ThetaHealing. Nach einer Sitzung mit Lena waren die Symptome weg, geblieben ist ein tiefes Verständnis meiner Sicht auf die Welt und wie ich mich in meiner Umgebung gefühlt habe. Danke!”
“Lena ist eine der besten Theta-Healerinnen, die ich kenne….(…). Ich habe mich bei ihr immer sehr wohlgefühlt. Ihre Seminare sind traumhaft und haben mein Leben sehr bereichert. Ich kann ihre Seminare von ganzem Herzen weiterempfehlen! Ich habe bislang Basis und Advanced DNA sowie Manifestation & Fülle besucht und freue mich auf alles, was …
I Love Love Love, Lena. I got certified by her in Basic, Advanced, Dig Deeper and Manifestation and Abundance. I also did a Healing session with her. No words can explain the divine in her. I'm truly blessed to have met her. The courses felt like a journey towards enlightenment for me, understanding and embodying the highest truth in all aspects of…

My Upcoming Seminars

April 27 – May 01, 2024