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About me

Hello! I am Mehvash (or Mev 🙂 ) and I am a ThetaHealing® Master and Certificate of Science.I come from a background of filmmaking and experienced the intense work schedules and stress on sets of projects for over a decade. It started to take a toll on me mentally and physically increasing my anxiety, panic and doubts about all that I was and all that was around me.  As luck would have it, I was forced to take a break and eventually start looking for a solution.
I happened upon Thetahealing and it showed me how to free up my mind from the constant worry anxiety heavy energy thoughts and make everything so much clearer. I understood where my issues stemed from and with the tools in Thetahealing, was able to change it into my strengths. I was able to bring faith and empowerment back into myself.
Vianna has beautifully created this modality to be so easy and accessible to help everyone who is ready to change. 
I enjoy helping adults and children recognize and sharpen their intution, making them feel empowered! I understand what it feels like to facilatate healing sessions for those who are just beginning their spiritual journey or even those who have been on it for a long while and need clarity when there are blocks.
It makes my heart happy to see my clients and students at the end of a session or seminar, when they leave filled with love, confidence, excitement and joy. And I am thrilled when they tell me how their lives have shifted and also have helped many others change their lives as well just by being their true awesome selves!
I  teach ThetaHealing® seminars Online worldwide and in-person in U.A.E.  India Houston, TX. I also do one-on-one personal thetahealing sessions and am available to travel to teach these amazing seminars in your country. 
Get in touch with me and let’s have fun healing! 🙂
Initially, I heard plenty about Thetahealing seminar for Kids, but experiencing it with my son was a beautiful surprise! His energy around other beings, people, plants & animals completely shifted! During the class, I could tell how engaged he was with all the info he was receiving, but Mev’s & Najma’s energy & ways of teaching truly m…
S. A.
Before I had my session with Mev I was suffering from severe piles. I was in pain and also very depressed. Through the session I realised issues that I didn’t realise were the cause of major unrest for me. But after I felt much lighter, I felt the negativity leave my body. There r issues that seem meaningless or really unimportant but can create ha…
V. K.
The Inner Circle Class has been probably the most transformative class for me so far (although I am fully aware that I would not get here if it had not been for all the other amazing Theta classes and sessions I had taken with Najma & Mev). This class allowed me to see where I was still functioning from the space of a child, demanding, wishing,…
D. P.
Life to me was always a never ending search. A search for the why, when and how of everything I saw around me. From the age of 12 one thing my mind was sure of and that was that there was much more to life than going to school and loving my family. Time went by and I studied every modality around in a pursuit to get some answer. Around 2015 I firs…
A. N.

My Upcoming Seminars

United Arab Emirates
June 14 – 14, 2024
United Arab Emirates
June 14 – 14, 2024
United Arab Emirates
June 22 – 23, 2024
United Arab Emirates
June 26 – 26, 2024
United Arab Emirates
July 06 – 07, 2024