Sharon Wacks

Thetahealing Master, Certificate of Science Instructor
  • Jupiter, Florida, United States of America
  • Willing to travel, contact for details
  • Available for ThetaHealing Sessions
  • English

About me

Sharon Wacks, RN, BSN,CHTP author of “Five Revolutionary Energy Secrets to Boost Your Life and Business” is an experienced Holistic Registered Nurse,Certified Healing Touch Practitioner. and ThetaHealing® Master;Certificate of Science Master Instructor. She is internationally recognized as a solution-focused, heart-centered expert who specializes in empowering and teaching others to uncover the biggest blocks that hold them back so they can release their limiting patterns and create a clear path to claim the powerful, aligned and joyful life they desire. She helps those who want to kickstart or improve their current holistic healing practices and relationships while feeing better physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. She has found most of her clients want to have more trust in their inner knowing of what’s right for them and have yet to find the solution. She authentically models and passionately teaches the power of conscious choice to all her clients, children, family, and friends. As founder of the Energy System Reboot® Method and Accelerated Healing Academy Sharon is always ready to teach you how to restore inner peace, rejuvenate optimal health and reintegrate harmony quickly and effectively. She believes it’s your birthright.
A wonderful course with an Amazing teacher, it was the begging of an incredible journey of growth and transformation for me. I highly recommend the course and Sharon’s’ teaching brings her incredible experience and love for what she does into every moment making it truly magical. Sharon Wacks, you are indeed an amazing teacher and enabler of heal…
Katia Duade
The class was magnificent the way you teach, Sharon, is excellent because I felt it, I received it, you touch my heart. The energy with which the class dictates the way in which it makes us all interact makes learning very interesting, easy to understand and at the same time relaxing excellent MASTER THANKS
Blanca Ramirez
Yay! One more class accomplished
– Sarah Daniels

My Upcoming Seminars

United States of America
June 28 – 29, 2024