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About me

Interaction with ThetaHealing Taiwan

Devaki K  started her career as a trained teacher and had stints in the software industry and  Banking Industry.  However, she always felt that she had a life purpose of service ,in spirituality.   Being intuitive since her childhood helped her in a smooth transition into holistic healing. She stumbled upon ThetaHealing© in a very interesting way, when she was given Basic ThetaHealing book authored by Vianna Stibal.  She found it so engrossing that she read the entire book in one sitting overnight. Thus her tryst with ThetaHealing© began and there has been no look back.     ThetaHealing now has become her way of life.  It needs volumes to be written about the way ThetaHealing© has been helping her, her clients and her students.  She trained under Vianna Stibal, founder of ThetaHealing technique.  Now she is a Master Instructor, Practitioner and Certificate of Science Holder in ThetaHealing , the highest certification in ThetaHealing.   She also provides healing to a number of clients worldwide, in person as well as remotely using phone, skype, etc.
She is the official Event Coordinator of  Remote Location Instructor Seminars at Chennai, India. 

My Upcoming Seminars

July 10 – 28, 2024
July 17 – August 04, 2024

Extra Credentials

 Reiki Master(Usui), Certified Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist, Past life regression therapist, Metaphor therapist, Crystal Healer, Tarot reader, Akashik Records Reader, Dale Carnegie certificate holder.