ThetaHealing Planes of Existence Instructors

Journey through the 7 Planes of Existence to become an Instructor.

At the heart of ThetaHealing® is the philosophy of how the universe is structured. This is known as the Planes of Existence. You have been introduced to this philosophy from the very beginning of ThetaHealing, with each seminar going more in-depth with information about the Planes of Existence. With each seminar you learned a new layer about each Plane. As you have completed the previous seminars, you are now ready for the well spring of information that is given in the Planes of Existence Seminar.
The Planes of Existence Instructors Seminars is designed to bring you a wealth of information to expand your horizons. You will have the ability to increase your knowledge about each of the Planes of Existence through a combination of seminar lecture and hands on experience with various exercises. Each of the Planes has an amazing amount of information and knowledge that is unique to that particular plane.

This seminar has the “keys” to unlocking the potential power that each of us hold inside us. As an Instructor of this seminar, you will receive first hand knowledge from Vianna and how to integrate living the Planes of Existence in your life.

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