ThetaHealing You and the Creator Enhancement

The Enhancement seminar is excellent chance to train with Vianna, refresh your skills and delve deeper into your ThetaHealing journey.

We’re excited to announce Enhancement Seminars! ThetaHealing Headquarters is introducing a range of Enhancement Seminars starting this year. These seminars are designed to provide valuable support to ThetaHealing Practitioners and Instructors, offering you the opportunity to revisit key material covered in the practitioner seminars and engage directly with our ThetaHealing Instructor Team.

With each seminar, you’ll have the chance to expand your knowledge, building upon the strong foundation you’ve already established. Clearing any beliefs that might have been holding you back that you weren’t ready to clear before. As you know you can only clear what you are ready to clear at that time. As we grow and learn we are ready for new steps in our journey. New beliefs are always surfacing and it is amazing to work with new faces, familiar faces, and the ThetaHealing Instructor team directly. What a fun adventure, come Join us.
Our first Enhancement seminar is the “You and the Creator.”
This is a 1-day seminar taught by Vianna Stibal, Founder of ThetaHealing.

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