ThetaHealing Enhancement Seminars

take your existing skills to the next level

During this You and the Creator Enhancement Seminar You'll

Retrain Your Mind

If your mind starts to wonder and you become unfocused your connection to the Seventh Plane can be lost. Refocus your thoughts and retrain your mind.

Expand Your Knowledge

With effective intuitive development you can change your reality and live a beautiful life filled with joy and abundance.

Clear Beliefs

Our beliefs are an integral part of us, so when we change beliefs from the past, we make discoveries about ourselves and how a thought form is started.


Train ONLINE from the comfort of your home.

Date: February 3, 2024

Time: 9:30am- 2:00pm Mountain Standard Time Convert Time Here

Cost Total: $260.00 USD
Registration Fee $60.00 plus Balance of Event $200.00

Languages: Seminar will be in English with translation into Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, German, Greek. Hungarian, Croatian and Japanese

What are the Enhancement Seminars

These seminars are designed to provide valuable support to ThetaHealing Practitioners and Instructors, offering you the opportunity to revisit key material covered in the practitioner seminars and engage directly with our ThetaHealing Instructor Team. With each seminar, you'll have the chance to expand your knowledge, building upon the strong foundation you've already established. Clearing any beliefs that might have been holding you back that you weren't ready to clear before. As you know you can only clear what you are ready to clear at that time. As we grow and learn we are ready for new steps in our journey. New beliefs are always surfacing and it is amazing to work with new faces, familiar faces, and the ThetaHealing Instructor team directly. What a fun adventure, come Join us.

Do I have to have prior training to attend? 

Yes, to attend this Enhancement seminar you do need to be a Basic, Advanced, Dig Deeper and You and the Creator Practitioner? 

Is there a recording? 

The Enhancement seminars are LIVE seminars taught online. You do have to attend Live. No Playback is provided.

What is the difference between a Practitioner seminar and an Enhancement Training?

Practitioner seminars are the certifications you take to become a certified Practitioner. The Enhancement seminars are for practitioners that have already attended that seminar to expand on the material, continue to ignite your passion and deepen your expertise

I am a ThetaHealing Instructor does this event count toward re-certification? 

This event is a 1 day event with Vianna, so it does count for 1 day of re-certification for Certified Instructors as long as you are within the recertification guidelines of your License Agreement.