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Disease and Disorder dubai, dubai  United Arab Emirates Oct 20 - 31, 2017 Learn More
Basic DNA dubai, dubai  United Arab Emirates Nov 3 - 5, 2017 Learn More
Advanced DNA dubai, dubai  United Arab Emirates Nov 10 - 12, 2017 Learn More
Planes of Existence dubai, dubai  United Arab Emirates Nov 17 - 20, 2017 Learn More
DNA 3 dubai, dubai  United Arab Emirates Nov 24 - 28, 2017 Learn More
Intuitive Anatomy dubai, dubai  United Arab Emirates Dec 1 - 19, 2017 Learn More

About Me

In 2014, through a series of events, it dawned on me that my reality has become characterized as a series of negative patterns that seemed to be redundant in nature. This realization made me become aware that this vicious circle I often found himself in was the result of my own creation, this became the awakening I needed to embark on a journey of self realization and to take back my power.

The journey led me to the Thetahealing powerful modality, an energy healing scientific tool founded by Vianna Stibal. As I immersed himself in ThetaHealing, I was empowered to shift my reality and create the life I wanted for myself. The position I found myself was that of such enlightenment that I knew I have a responsibility to share my knowledge and experience to the world. ThetaHealing allows people to identify certain subconscious beliefs that project themselves onto their reality, and energetically alter these beliefs for their highest and best.

I am currently a certified ThetaHealing practitioner in more than 11 variations of the modality, tackling issues from diseases and disorders, to family relations, to manifestations and abundance. I am also an instructor certified by the founder herself and I teach Basic, Advanced, Dig Deeper, and Manifestation courses(so far). I also am involved in organizing ThetaHealing retreats, and practices this modality in a wellness center in Dubai.

Armed with the necessary certifications, I took the conscious decision of leaving the corporate world to dedicate my life to practicing and teaching ThetaHealing. My aim is to empower as many people as possible to take control over their lives so that together, we can create an everlasting shift in the collective consciousness of the UAE, and ultimately, the world.
The beauty of ThetaHealing is that it provides instantaneous relief and in the aftermath, the shift that creates a brand new reality. I am keen on awakening as many people as possible. If this resonates with you at a soul level, and you want to become the change you’d like to see in the world, get in touch


"''Theta healing is life changing. I knew it was powerful even before taking the basic class but I never expected such a positive change in my life, straight away. Theta healing represents for me the starting point of an amazing journey and I am proud to say that I feel energized, loved, happy, and keen to take the next classes with Elias, who is not only an amazing and kind human being, but also an inspiring and experienced teacher and mentor. I would love to share my experience so that other people can get to know this wonderful energy technique and start feeling the way I feel, healing themselves and helping others.''"

Irene Velica

"“It was not just a course, where you just learn something. It was not just a life changing experience, it was more like a soul and mind evolving experience. Yes, following my first/basic DNA Theta Healing course with Elias, with every passing friction of a second, I feel my soul and mind are walking towards a whole new road, a road where positiveness, gratitude, love and a smile becomes effortless. As if a whole new immune system is being installed in every inch of my cells. I will forever be grateful to know Elias in my life and get this lifetime opportunity to start learning Theta Healing. I can’t wait till I take on more courses, and the next one will be the Advance course!” "

Lina Merhy
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