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Hello! I am a Chiropractor using Theta Healing with patients, friends and family. From the east coast originally, I've lived in Korea, New Zealand, across the US, and now am enjoying life in Southern California. I am particularly passionate about helping people create loving relationships in their lives.
ThetaHealing has changed my life in profound ways, and many of my current successes and accomplishments came through practicing this work on myself and on others. It's so exciting to see what happens when we transform the way we look at the world to include abundance and empowerment! I offer sessions in person at my office in Newport Beach; or over the phone. 
Regardless of where you are now, what would the impact be of an increase in personal and professional effectiveness? What would life be like if you realized that you can be happy, successful, loving, creative, powerful, and free? And that all of the power to create this possibility is inside of you? What would this world be like if every person believed in, and realized their dreams? You’ve been building your life for years. Right now you have the opportunity to stand on the ceiling you’ve created and call it your new ground.

I'd love to connect with you. Call my phone, or send a text. Share what your goals and questions are. I like to chat with people before the session to get to know you, and make sure we are a good fit. 
Looking forward to hearing from you!
Love and blessings, 

Extra Credentials

Doctor of Chiropractic


"Monica Scott is an amazingly powerful healer, which you will immediately feel when you go to see her. She's worked on my back as a chiropractor and also done ThetaHealing work with me to resolve issues that have stemmed from my past. The other day my back I went to see her, and my back which had been driving me nuts for almost a week resolved itself before she even touched my back. Healing radiates from her being so strongly, that sometimes you just need to be in the same space as her to get the results. I also had had a hip issue, that had been bothering me for almost a year, and when chiropractic care didn't do the trick, she pulled out another spiritual frequency tool and it disappeared in an instant. This girl has multiple tricks up her sleeve, so that she can support her clients in healing from all angles. As far as ThetaHealing goes, I've been a believer in it for awhile, because of all the magical results I've seen with it, and finally chose to get certified myself because Monica was the one teaching the course. She's truly a beautiful soul."

Bethany L.
Marina Del Rey, CA

"My experience with Monica was very powerful. I was raised in a household of chiropractors and healers, so my bar was set high for this type of work. In just our first session, I experienced some major shifts and some profound healing. I found the space that she held to be very safe, nurturing, and fun. One of the things I find so wonderful about Monica is that she brings a level of joy and lightness to her work, even when what we are discussing is past trauma or negative beliefs. She has a way of bringing levity and grace to the table, which only deepens the healing. I felt safe and nurtured by Monica in our session. Monica is amazing and I can't recommend her more!"

Lee C.
Los Angeles, CA

"I just completed my first session with Monica and I feel so much different and so much lighter than I have the last few days. I've been working with different types of healers for years now, and I was very excited and grateful with the results of my session and left with a new understanding. She has a very wide spectrum of knowledge and is easy and comforting to talk to. A wonderful experience!"

Christie Love
Los Angeles, CA

"Monica is so good at what she does!!! I'm learning so much about inner peace & positive thinking. Our phone meditation sessions truly leave me feeling calm, lightweight and in control of my mind. Not only am I mending wounds from the past, I'm battling anxiety, gaining self-confidence and having an overall increased happiness and gratefulness for life! Highly recommend her as a healer and confidante."

Alexa L.
Hollywood, CA

"I do sessions of Theta Healing with Monica and it has been a life changing experience. I have learned so much about myself and she has been helping me with many tools, which I can use to grow and also can use as a guidance. This is the first time I do this type of therapy and I became a stronger believer of Theta healing seeing how it made a big difference in my everyday life. Besides the therapy impact and results in my life I have to say that Monica is also an adorable person, beautiful inside and out."

Andrea S.
Orange County, CA

"Monica is amazing I have done a few sessions with her , since then I have feel relax , calm however last session with did , I had so much pain in my leg I couldn't walk I was ready to go into the emergency room , call her that day she came and did what she knows best how to do and with the love and passion she puts I was able to walk and the pain was less , the next day I I had no more pain and walking .. Thank you Monica you are amazing , I will definitely recommend her ."

Hilda A.
West Covina, CA

"Monica is amazing I have done a few sessions with her , since then I have feel relax , calm however last session with did , I had so much pain in my leg I couldn't walk I was ready to go into the emergency room , call her that day she came and did what she knows best how to do and with the love and passion she puts I was able to walk and the pain was less , the next day I I had no more pain and walking .. Thank you Monica you are amazing , I will definitely recommend her ."

Karina O.
Los Angeles, CA

"Monica is truly a compassionate, personable, and skilled Theta Healing professional. I had a Theta Healing session with her over the phone and experienced letting go and healing, as well as shifting things that were once very challenging for me into more ease. Since then I have continued to experience this ease and ability to think differently about the things we talked about. I'm very grateful for my experience and would recommend anyone schedule a session with Monica."

Sarah O.
Bowie, MD

"I'm happy I took the time to have an experience like this one. I have been holding onto my past for so long and Monica opened a door to let that pain go. Thank you for your time and genuine care."

Neil R.
Bloomfield, NJ

"Monica's healing was life changing. Monica is trusting and so professional. It felt great to release my negative energy and even better that she was by my side to guide me through the whole process. I can honestly say my body felt physically relaxed after our session together and my mindset was already channeling different thoughts the next day. She really allowed me a space to open up about the feelings holding me back in some areas of my life, and guided me into what's next. I recommend Monica to anyone looking to release negative energy, feel better, and move into the next level of their life. I am excited for our next session!"

Christina B.
San Francisco, CA

"My experience with Monica was incredible. 15 minutes into the healing session I found my body start to relax and I suddenly felt incredibly balanced. I prepared myself for the session by grounding myself on one specific thing I wanted to shift in my life--staying connected and intimate in relationships. And WOW. Not only have I noticed that connection now comes easily for me, I have received feedback from others that I am not checking out and seem to be very present. I highly recommend Monica's healing work--you will not be disappointed!"

Kate R.
Columbus, OH

"I met Monica through a friend who bought me a session with her because I was going through some challenging times. The original purpose or intention was to try Theta healing but it would be an understatement to say that is the only reason I meet with her on a regular basis. The time I have spent with Monica has been the best "therapy" I have ever received. It has been a unique mixed of Theta healing, body work, and energy healing. It has allowed me to release negative energy that I knew was blocked and has also helped me identify and release negative energy I did not know existed. If you believe in the power of positive energy and want to learn life changing tools, I highly recommend making an appointment. I have only had one actual adjustment from her, but that was excellent as well!"

Kelly Marie
Irvine, CA

"I live on the other side of the country in Maryland, so I do theta healing sessions with Monica over the phone. Working with the subconscious through belief systems I have found extremely valuable and important. Theta sessions always impart incredible value, with a new understanding of myself that often include tools moving forward. For chiropractic on my few visits to California I look forward to coming just to ease the discomfort in my neck, though obviously I have several reasons for my trip. I'm grateful to Monica for enriching my life with her healing practices."

Ian S.
Annapolis, MD

"I have been seeing Monica for Energy Healing work and chiropractic. I'm feeling amazing! my first time there I was nervous, but after the session I was feeling great, light, and with good energy! She is amazing! I highly recommend her services."

Fernanda D.

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