High vibration is a thought form, a light thought, like kindness.  There are many things that we can do to raise our vibration.  Here are a few things to help you daily to increase your positive thought forms.

  • Connect to the Creator of All That Is using the ThetaHealing® mediation and know that you are connected to all things.
  • Be aware of what you say and focus on positive thoughts and words.
  • Listen to your favorite music in the morning. Music can make a huge difference in how we feel, especially if it is uplifting and beautiful.
  • Physical movement and exercise can bring your vibration up and build it.
  • Being observant to the world around you can increase your vibration.  Take 2 minutes to observe the trees and the plants and feel the energy around you.
  • Having a pet or animal that can sit on your lap and can come close to you that you really love can change and increase your vibration.
  • Focus on the virtues that you really want to possess.  The more virtuous thoughts, the more of the high vibrational thoughts that we have, the more we can do metaphysically.
  • One thing that can shift us the most is helping others and being of service.
  • Saying a kind word to someone will increase your vibration.
  • Blessing your food, eating high vibrational foods, and drinking high vibrational juices will also keep your vibration high.
  • Manifesting can keep you in a positive state, and having goals that you want to accomplish will increase our vibration.
  • Download objects around you with virtues to hold a high vibration.
  • Setting an intention at night when you go to sleep and setting your ideas for the next day.

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