In reality, money is just energy.  But how many of you can manifest so much more money that you need doing healing that you don’t have to work in your schedule? We can have plenty of abundance.  In fact abundance was ours all the time.

When we do our manifesting exercise, we don’t manifest for money.  We manifest for things that we want.  Then we let the universe bring it to us.  And it does.  We know that we have seen miracles.  Everyone has seen a miracle.  Everyone has seen somebody’s beliefs change and everybody has observed a miracle in their mind.  Miracles can happen when we are simply motivated by NOT our first motivation of money, but our motivation of love.  If really taught our subconscious there was plenty that we would still keep working.  In reality, we have plenty in our life.

Sometimes we want a challenge, so often we make only what we need without having extra in savings.  I always think that these are the most interesting people.  Because spiritually they are so confident that they know that there is always going to be plenty.  Spiritually they get bored very easily.  I know you do not think of it that way, but spiritually, that is just a moment in time.  Spiritually you spirit comes from God, you can create anything that you can keep.  You can create a healing in a person or a healing in yourself, you can create anything that you need.

But we have failed to realize that our motivation is the need to create.  And we can create out of our needs.  In order for me to keep doing healings, I need to make sure that my family is safe.  That is my first motivation. I want to make sure that my family is taken care of.  That is my second motivation.  I am always making sure that I am motivated.

Then there is the trust part.  A lot of your students have never, ever had a business of their own.  They are used to a paycheck every week, and maybe it is a little pay check, but they are used to it.  When you work for yourself, you are limitless in what you can create, but trust that it is going to be there is a huge thing.

But what is your motivation?  How are you using this?  Before you get mad at yourself for not being able to manifest everything you wanted in your life: if you have ever seen a healing, technically you have manifesting in your life.  You can’t manifest that somebody loves you because of love.  You can’t manifest that your son finds a job and becomes an astronaut, he has to manifest that.  But you are definitely unstoppable.  The only think that is happening in your life is that your subconscious is keeping you motivated on your real goal.

And rather than thinking about the money that you have to come up with, thank God for the motivation that you are getting as you then plan to continue to going to your classes, to do you classes, knowing you can be motivated in a different way.


  • Would you like to know what it feels like to be motivated everyday through the Creator.
  • Would you like to know how, when and that it is possible to manifest.
  • Would you like to know what it feels like to always have plenty through the Creator.

If so say YES.

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