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Manifesting with You Divine Timing

Divine Timing also important to consider in your manifesting.  Divine timing is what we agreed and planned to do in this existence.  When our soul awakens to its divine purpose, the time to


Ego or Egotism?

Many people confuse ego with egotism.  Having an ego is not a bad thing.  A healthy ego assists with our identity of who we are.  It defines how we dress, how we move, it is what defines


Creation as Motivation

In reality, money is just energy.  But how many of you can manifest so much more money that you need doing healing that you don't have to work in your schedule? We can have plenty of abundance. 


30 Day Random Act of Kindness Challenge

For a little over a month, I posted a Random Act of Kindness on Facebook every day. I did this to challenge others in practicing kindness and for myself. Knowing that kindness is one of the Four


The Grocery List

Sometimes people only need to know what they want, and that will actually start the subconscious into creating for you. We can put the subconscious to use and work for us when it comes to


The 3 List Approach for the New Year

When we manifest, we can have different styles of manifesting lists. We need to make sure every year counts.  Using this approach to manifesting will help you focus your subconscious to create


Virtue is the Key to the Laws

The Laws are the fabric weave of the Universe.  There are laws that govern our universe, our galaxy, our solar system, the Earth, and even us.  It is because of these laws that there is an


The Power of the Subconscious

Your subconscious runs about 90% of your life, from everything from beating your heart to the memories and feelings.  If you actually work with your mind, your subconscious can work with you, or

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Loving Me Loving You

When I was a little girl, people always disappointed me. I knew that they couldn't love me. They didn't know how to love or how to receive love. I realized that I had to learn to love them first