Seminar Cancellation & Refund Policy

Thank you for your interest in attending a ThetaHealing seminar. Please read the following policy carefully before registering for a seminar.

Non-Refundable Seminar Policy​

Non-Refundable Fees:

All seminar fees, including registration and balance fees, are non-refundable. Once payment is made, it cannot be refunded under any circumstances, including personal scheduling conflicts, illness, or other unforeseen events.

Future Seminar Credit:

(Available only for seminars and events specifically offered by Let’s THInK Unique, ThetaHealing Headquarters, THInK)

• Seminars paid in full (excluding deposit/registration fee) are eligible for a non-refundable credit toward a future THInK seminar if notice is given up to eight days before the seminar begins.

• If notice is given between seven and one day(s) before the seminar begins, a non-refundable credit toward a future THInK seminar will be provided. This credit can be applied to any THInK program within one year from the cancellation date.

No Credit or Refund:

• No credit or refund is available if you cancel on the arrival day, do not show up, or leave the event early for any reason.

• No refund will be available if you attend a program and are dissatisfied with its presentation or content.

Attendance at Your Own Risk:

• By attending the seminar, you acknowledge and agree that you are participating voluntarily and at your own risk. The organizers, speakers, and venue owners shall not be held liable for any injury, loss, damage, or expense resulting from your participation in the seminar, including but not limited to bodily harm, property damage, or financial loss.

No Guarantee of Healing or Abundance:

• While the seminar may provide valuable insights, techniques, and information, it is important to understand that attendance and completion of the seminar do not guarantee or promise healing, transformation, or financial abundance. Results may vary for each individual based on various factors, including but not limited to personal commitment, application of principles learned, and external circumstances.

Certification Disclaimer:

• Any certification or acknowledgment received upon completion of the seminar is not a guarantee of expertise, qualification, or professional accreditation. It is solely an acknowledgment of your participation and completion of the seminar requirements.

Personal Responsibility:

• You are solely responsible for your own well-being, decisions, and actions before, during, and after the seminar. It is your responsibility to assess the suitability of the seminar for your individual needs and circumstances.

Modification or Cancellation:

• The organizers reserve the right to modify, cancel, or reschedule the seminar at their discretion. In the event of cancellation by the organizers, participants will be notified, and a credit towards a future seminar may be offered.


• Participants are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful and professional manner throughout the seminar. Any disruptive behavior may result in removal from the seminar without refund.

Photography and Recording:

• Photography, audio recording, or video recording of the seminar sessions is strictly prohibited without prior authorization from the organizers.

Staying on Medication:

• If you are under the care of a medical professional or receiving treatment for any physical or mental health condition, it is imperative that you continue to follow their advice and stay on any prescribed medication regimen. The seminar organizers are not medical professionals and do not provide medical advice or treatment. We strongly advise attendees to consult with their healthcare provider before making any changes to their medication or treatment plan. Our seminar is intended to complement, not replace, any medical or therapeutic treatment you may be undergoing. We work in conjunction with medical professionals to ensure the best possible support for our participants. Discontinuing medication without proper medical guidance can have serious consequences and is strongly discouraged.

تأمين السفر:

• We recommend you contact your travel agent to purchase travel insurance in the event that you need to cancel or change your travel plans.​

خطط الدفع:

• THInK offers convenient payment plans for select seminars, subject to approval or enrollment prior to the start of the seminar. Should a payment plan remain unpaid, THInK reserves the right to withhold certification until the outstanding balance is settled in full.​

Online Teaching Certifications:

• For individuals holding an active ThetaHealing Teaching License agreement, there is an opportunity to expand their teaching reach by becoming Online instructors for select seminars they already teach in-person. This service incurs a separate fee from seminar attendance. All sales for online certifications are considered final. The online certification process typically takes 7-10 business days. Upon enrollment, participants will receive a new addendum contract, access to tutorials, a designated Zoom account, and an upgraded account on It's important to note that access to online certifications is contingent upon maintaining a valid license with THInK; access will be denied for expired licenses.​


By registering for any ThetaHealing seminar or event, you indicate your understanding and acceptance of the terms and conditions outlined in this policy. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us prior to registering.

ThetaHealing has Independent Certified ThetaHealing Practitioners and Instructors worldwide. While these practitioners and instructors are licensed to use the ThetaHealing technique and trademark, they function as independent businesses. Consequently, when participating in an event organized by one of these independent practitioners or instructors, it is important to be aware that they will have their own additional specific cancellation policies and terms and conditions. These policies are separate from those established by ThetaHealing and pertain solely to the individual business practices of the respective practitioner or instructor.

ThetaHealing Store and Sister Sites Refund Policy

Thank you for shopping with and its sister sites. Please review our refund policy below:

Order Processing and Shipping:

• All orders placed on are processed through Rolling Thunder Publishing or Let’s THInK Unique. Orders are typically processed and shipped within 3-5 business days if the product is in stock

Digital Products and LIVE Events:

• Please note that digital products and LIVE events such as webinars are non-refundable at the time of purchase. All sales for these items are considered final.

Sales are Final:

• All sales made through and its sister sites are final. We do not offer refunds for products or services purchased, except as outlined below.

Damaged or Non-functional Products:

• In the event that a product arrives damaged, or a CD/DVD does not play, please contact us immediately for a replacement. We will require the merchandise to be returned in the return envelope provided. Once we receive the damaged product, we will promptly send out a replacement.

Please note that this refund policy applies specifically to purchases made through and its sister sites. For refunds or returns related to purchases made through other retailers or distributors, please refer to their respective refund policies. If you have any questions or concerns about our refund policy, please don't hesitate to contact our customer support team for assistance. Thank you for your understanding.

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