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About Me

Before becoming a ThetaHealing® Practitioner + Medical Intuitive (2013) + Instructor (2015); Abbee (as she is more commonly known) was already globally reading (2002) & teaching (2009-2010) Tarot, incorporating it with her know-how in modern Western astrology (1989-2004), feng shui (1989), Ayurveda (2003), & chakra balancing (2002); until she finally established her brand S.P. Lovecraft Productions (2005-2006). As of November 17th of 2015, though, she has decided to put up her new brand "Soul Re-Alignment with Abbee," to include her other energy/intuitive modalities. 

Her goal now as a ThetaHealer® is to help teach young HSPs (Highly Sensitive Persons) like herself to achieve a most dynamic life, especially in the Philippines, which was her own pursuit that led her (accidentally) to this full-time endeavor. 


Extra Credentials

Completed the Basic & Advanced Past-Life x Future-Life Regression courses using the Crystal Layout Technique under Rashmi Mirchandani in Manila (2013). 

Completed 13 modules (including Medical Intuition) of the MILLENNIUM METHOD© quantum healing technique founded by Jessica Taylor in both Manila & Hong Kong (2014-2016), which led to her being one of the very first Certified Master Practitioners in the Philippines (2017). 
Received certification for the Sacred Soul Alignment™ modality Practitioner course founded by Elysia Hartzell in Manila, facilitated from Maui, Hawaii (2017), & for the Advanced certification from Seattle, Washington (2018). 


"She is brilliant, I had forgotten how good it was to chat with her, her generous nature, her great sense of humor, and her special gift. Thank you."


"Very awesome reading and healing. It felt like I was being read like an open book! Partly scary but interesting. Now I'm going to meditate and reflect on things. Thank you so much for everything."

Yokosuka, Japan

"Ohhh, you have been my lifeline."


"I always feel a warmth from Abbee and her craft. She knows her stuff without being a know-it-all and really makes me feel safe and secure. I am glad to have her as a friend and confidant and definitely recommend ALL her services."

Manila, Philippines

"I'm not stereotypically esoteric or into a lot of new-age schools of thought -- but I had no reservations about getting into the ThetaHealing® technique with Abbee. Not only is she incredibly relatable and knowledgable about her craft, but she's very easy to trust. For someone who has serious trust issues, this is an immense compliment. Working with Abbee is so effective for me that I can still feel the powerful effects of the classes almost a week later, like they happened mere minutes ago. I see actual manifestations of healing in my life, and it's more than having changed my outlook. Not to exaggerate or anything, but Abbee changed my life immensely for the better."

Manila, Philippines

"Abbee's classes were exactly what I needed. They were right for me and divinely orchestrated - timing, classmate, everything. Her energy is compassionate and light, we had so much fun doing the important work of exploring and healing old programs, beliefs and memories. Abbee's acceptance and embracement of her intuitive, psychic gifts made it safe for me to slowly but surely accept, love and embrace my own. She gives and gives and gives and goes beyond "normal classroom expectations". Her style is intuitive as she bravely and confidently goes where The Creator of That Is guides her to do/say/be. Thank you Abbee for being a guiding light on my journey, increasing my bulb-wattage by clearing old programs, downloading new ones, with the feelings and filling me with so much more light and love. Thank you for being open so I could speak freely and share my perceptions honestly and openly. Thank you for validating, seeing, hearing, understanding and caring about me. Thank you for showing/leading the way!"


"It has been (2 years) since I met Abbee. Being her student of the ThetaHealing® technique, I'm still amazed of the developments that happened in my life... Thank you. #gratefulalways #bestmentor"

Michelle Ann
Manila, Philippines

"I met Abbee in June 2013 through a friend in Boracay, Philippines. Had my first Tarot reading session with her, was amazed by her accuracy and the energy she gave me by downloading from her Millennium Method© cards. In February 2017 I manifested something big, with her help (especially through the ThetaHealing® technique), it became true. I'm very happy to have her around with her jolly also witty character and her positive energy, which inspires me very much. Thanks to her I learned more about myself, how to love other people and myself, and how to become a better person :) Don't be afraid. Thank you very much for the great friendship :)"

Taiwan / Germany

"I enjoy your healing. It's effective! & I learn so much from you every time! You're so smart & fun! You're the best! Your humility, understanding, sensitivity, & love are in line with the ideals promoted by the ThetaHealing® technique!"

Manila, Philippines

"I feel like a brand new person after you've healed my heart & soul, then my body followed suit! Had more energy! Manifested so much after a week since we had our (Basic DNA) class! Everytime I see you, all I can think of is how bubbly you are... so cute! & you are my #LifeGoal! I'm now working to be a motivational speaker like you!"

Manila, Philippines

"I just wanted to take a minute say Thank-You for your help. You are very good at what you do and I appreciate the fact that you are (free-flowing) with the information. You do help by providing solutions as well as a different perspective. When we are involved in a situation, it is not always easy to step back and take a look. I am feeling good - grounded, at peace. Thank you also for dealing with the negative energy. I have been told by a psychic or two that the negative energy was passed on from generation to generation so I will never be lucky in love until it is removed. Of course, they want an a lot of money to remove from generations past. Of course, one will say it's from a great grandmother, some from my grandmother and some will say from my mother. I do feel I can trust you - not an easy thing for me. You can share what I've said. You can let everyone know I've had others try to remotely heal - I never felt a difference. Please encourage your students."


"Thank you, Abbee. You're comparably one of the best, and of course most valuable healers I've worked with."


"Damn, you're good! Thank you for your reading and your time. I really enjoyed it and you've got a great sense of humour :P I don't usually give reviews but (you) blew me away :) I'll be back, have an amazing day :) "


"Shortly after speaking with you, I ceased crying and sort of felt better. The sadness is still there but I'm trying to plug into everything you're saying and imagining it happening so that it can work. I appreciate your help truly I do because I'm Starting to feel very concerned about my own well-being..."


"I can feel Lord Shiva's energy within & around you. To me, it feels like I'm praying to Lord Shiva whenever I talk to you. Very powerful & pure."

Manila, Philippines

"I can feel this (lady's) energy work. She is true and kind and so helpful. She gives me hope and love and I’m thankful to have found her xxx."


"You are a beautiful, wondrous soul. You look at the world with wonder, and feel with the deepest sincerity the journey of others. "


"Abbee, that was so spot on, helpful and touching. Thank you. You truly see me and what I’ve been going through... I didn’t expect that. I guess because I rarely experience it. "

Jakarta / USA

"Thanks for the advice and helping me to be 100% to love myself and others! Great work! You go, girl!"


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