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Basic DNA Australia Jan 9 - 11, 2023 Learn More
Advanced DNA Australia Jan 12 - 14, 2023 Learn More
Dig Deeper Brisbane,   Australia Jan 16 - 17, 2023 Learn More
You and the Creator Brisbane,   Australia Jan 18 - 19, 2023 Learn More
You and Your Inner Circle Australia Feb 6 - 7, 2023 Learn More
You and Your Significant Other Australia Feb 8 - 9, 2023 Learn More
Soul Mate Australia Feb 13 - 14, 2023 Learn More
Manifesting and Abundance Brisbane,   Australia Feb 15 - 16, 2023 Learn More
World Relations Australia Mar 6 - 10, 2023 Learn More
RHYTHM to a Perfect Weight Australia Mar 17, 2023 Learn More
Intuitive Anatomy Australia Apr 24 - May 12, 2023 Learn More
Disease and Disorder WOODY POINT, QLD  Australia May 15 - 26, 2023 Learn More
DNA 3 Australia May 29 - Jun 2, 2023 Learn More

About Me

Hi Beautiful,
My journey with ThetaHealing began back in 2007 after an epiphany saw me resign from my accounting job with the desire to make a difference and help others.
Through what was a series of divine events I was invited to attend a Basic DNA Course. I didn't know what it was - I hadn't looked for it or even looked it up for that matter. It was just a whole hearted 'YES' from me.
Turns out that calling was one of purpose and I am so glad I answered it, it has been the constant in my life in helping others which brings me so much joy and in my own personal healing journey recovering from domestic violence to then creating the life I am living and love now. 
ThetaHealing has helped me in immense ways... manifesting my soulmate - having true love, healing of my ovaries, my eldest son healed completely in the womb from trisomy 14 mosaic, which I will forever be grateful to Vianna & the Creator for... honestly - there are so many times and experiences which I am grateful for - daily! 
Healing on all levels takes place but what I love is it is fun.
By November 2019, I had been blessed to of taught more than 150 ThetaHealing courses and worked with so many incredible people from around the world. 
If you are feeling called - know there is sunshine awaiting you.
I look forward to connecting with you.
Blessings of Love & Miracles,
Talitha xx


""It was November, 2015 - At 54 years old I was enjoying a very active life. Working full time, going to the gym 5 days a week and Latin dancing 2 to 3 times a week. All this came to a very abrupt halt when my back just seemed to seize up. I had helped 3 family members move house in an 8 week period but no injury incident occurred. Just one Sunday night I remember my back felt a bit niggly. Next morning I woke to get up for work and could hardly move. The pain from trying to get up and out of bed was excruciating, I had to use my hands to climb the wall as I tried to stand. The pain level was an 8 out of 10. With every step a screaming pain ran down my back, buttock and leg to my ankle. This excruciating pain continued at different levels over an 8 month period. 2 1/2 months off work, to only return part time for another month or so. Months of physiotherapy, months of chiropractic and clinical pilates just seemed to increase the sciatic leg pain, nothing was working, I stopped all of that and tried just walking for half an hour a day. My standing desk at work helped as I still couldn't sit very long, 15 mins if I was lucky. The pain drove me to search out different Alternate Therapies. I tried acupuncture, 2 other energy healing modalities and nothing was working more than some slight relief. My life had been turned upside down. My partner researched ThetaHealing® and I went to Talitha. After 3 healing sessions my back is healed and the sciatic leg and buttock pain is totally gone. I'm back dancing, back at the gym slowly working up my muscles again and can sit without any problems. I highly recommend ThetaHealing. It has given my life back to me. I'm so impressed with ThetaHealing, I have now myself completed Basic and Advanced level courses and I'm booked in to learn Intuitive Anatomy. Whether you need a healing yourself or want to learn this amazing healing modality, don't sit there wondering will it help you, book in with Talitha and find out for yourself. Talitha is an not only an amazing healer, she is an amazing teacher. Thank you for giving me my life back." "

Janice Black
Brisbane, Australia

"I had been diagnosed with Hashimoto, a disease of the immune system, attacking the thyroid gland, also a connection with my adrenals insufficient function. I was in a shocking condition after taking natural supplements and a slow dose of the appropriate medication and back from another trip to the Emergency and not knowing where to turn for help anymore, I rang a Friend who recommended, highly I must say, to contact Talitha. I had no idea what was Theta healing yet my intuition told me to trust it. After the two sessions, I did not feel physically much different which could be due to the many other issues to be addressed. So I felt that I was healed yet it had not been demonstrated physically. So the only way I will find out would be thru the results of the long list of tests I went through. After my last visit to the endocrinologist, the healing was confirmed. The results came back all good!!! The healing keeps slowly to correct the other issues and I am immensely grateful to have been lead to Talitha. Yes, my Angels are wonderful, trust me on that. I would like to encourage everybody to trust Them too, to connect deeply with own High Self.""

Brisbane, QL:D Australia

""I really wanted to share my story and specially thank Talitha for her wonderful support through my past health issues. I was diagnosed with liver and bone cancer 12mths ago, after previously loosing a kidney to the disease 7yrs ago. I have always been a very positive person and a true believer however I had no idea how to direct my beliefs or use them to the best of my ability. Through the amazing talents of Talitha she helped me help myself and took me through a beautiful journey of soul seaching and direction. Not only did she assist in my healing but she and her generosity has been the massive part in my now bone cancer free and liver is well on its way to being clear. Her endless support and fun healings (yes very fun and full of true smiles, ok maybe giggles) I am totally at one with myself and thank her from the bottom of my heart and soul. Thank you again my true angel xx""

Bonnie Widt
Sunshine Coast, QLD Australia

""When I decided to do Talitha's ThetaHealing workshop I knew something profound was going to take place for me I just had no idea what that would be or the gravity of it. Upon completing the course, I noticed that I received healing in all aspects of my life - health, wealth, happiness and spirit. I no longer have depression or anxiety like I used to, I have made space for creating the life I desire, I am generally more content in my daily life and possibly the most surprising aspect of my personal healing was the recognition and deepening of my connection to my higher power / spirituality. I used to think that I couldn't always have that connection and now I know no matter how my daily life challenges me - that connection is solid - always there - and always guiding me. Talitha fast-tracked me with her guidance to being in the place I wanted to be for so long Thanks again, Talitha, for all you've guided me to become. Much gratitude""

Amanda Geary
West End, QLD Australia

""Talitha is an amazing theta practitioner. Her intuition is spot on. Whilst Talitha was working with me she gave me the space to talk about my issues which are many, but she was always able to intuitively know how to bring the session back to what my actual block or belief was and so was able to quickly n gently clear blocks n beliefs that my subconscious had been holding on too for far too long. Not only did she help me release many issues that I was ready to let go of but helped me release family issues and the shock n trauma from those memories. I feel that she helped me define my independence and has given me the tools to be confident in staying on my path this time around when it comes to my career, as from an early age I would try and please everybody else now it is about pleasing myself and that is an amazing feeling. Thank you Talitha." "

London, UK

""I looked all around the world to do this course and nothing worked out until I opened the door back to Australia (had not wanted to return to Australia as I had been there in the last couple of months) and that was when I found Talitha who so kindly arranged for the Basic and Advanced classes to be conducted consecutively so that I could fly down from Singapore. It felt right and I just knew that I was meant to connect with her. Everything worked out perfectly for me. It was an amazing environment for learning - safe, trusting, absolutely open and loving. Our practice sessions led to deep healings and release and I have personally worked through so many beliefs and cleared them. I have deep gratitude for Creator, for Talitha and all her wonderful stories of growth and learning. Talitha is a beautiful co-creator, a loving mother, a kind, patient and compassionate teacher and quickly became a loving friend. I have learnt so much through a week’s training with Talitha. She has given me so many insights. The Advanced class allows you to go deeper into what you’ve learnt in the Basic class, allowing a better understanding and integration of all the knowledge gained. I am writing this feedback a month later and I want to share with you that life has truly changed for me. My lessons and gifts in life come to me in beautiful ways, with true ease and grace. This is a huge learning point for me and to be able to live life this way is truly miraculous and absolutely possible - I know this now! Every single day is a blessing, with beautiful miracles, thank you to our Creator. I practice healing every day now and I am moving towards setting up my own practice. You are here, reading this for a reason - trust your intuition. These classes are going to change your life. Creator knows it. Deep down in your heart - you know it too. Thank you Creator and thank you Talitha - for all that you have given and shared with me.""

Viknes Vari

""I attended DNA Basic and Advanced and felt many changes within my body. Between that time and the Dig Deeper Course I found out from an MRI for my heart that my heart was fine but they found a nodule on my Liver. The specialist was sure it was most likely a cyst and requested my Dr send me for an ultrasound to confirm that it wasn't anything else. That was the week of Dig Deeper so during the class I asked a participant to give me a healing for my liver. During demonstrations I asked if Talitha would also dig on me as the liver was just one of a bunch a symptoms that had come up throughout my theta healing journey. Her intuition was spot on, she picked up things that I hadn't told anyone about (my spine being out, kidney infection, carpel tunnel and hormone/women issues. She found all of this before going anywhere near the liver! Afterwards I felt the healing, I also have felt my organs working again, as if they had been sleeping all this time, holding on to some deep held beliefs and emotions. So fast forward 3 days and I went for my ultrasound. While having my ultrasound the technician left the room and asked another lady to come in and confirm they couldn't find anything on my liver, "smooth contour" were the words they used. Then the exciting part for me was watching my Dr attempt to explain to me how its possible MRI made a mistake causing something to appear that's not really there and yay, it was all a "Mistake"! I knew it had healed but it was really cool to see the proof. Thank you Talitha, you are an inspiration and I am blessed to have come into your world.""

Josette Kahotea
Brisbane, QLD Astralia

""Since starting my own journey of experiencing the ThetaHealing modality, I have to say Talitha is a very intuitive and awesome teacher. Having completed my Advanced, Game of Life and Intuitive Anatomy courses with her, and more to come I am sure she is definately the teacher for me. Talitha is very in tune with her students and there is always added little downloads and removals as we go that she feels would enhance her students journey forward. Her abilities to communicate with all people and to teach according to their needs is commendable. My husband completed his Basic course in January 2018 with Talitha also and he arrived home a new man. His experience of ThetaHealing was watching the changes I had made to myself to enhance our life, so he stepped up to see if it worked. My husband is a real man's man (think footy shorts, truckie singlet and stubby in hand.) He was blown away by his Basic course, huge shifts and feelings he genuinely had not felt before, and his spiritual insight had expanded and it opened up a world he had heard me talk about. In May this year, my husband chose to do his Advanced ThetaHealing with Talitha. The confidence he gained and the knowledge he took in was awesome. Again, huge shifts and abilities he had questioned previously were there. I am also a ThetaHealing teacher, but I like to be my husbands wife, not his teacher, so I am so grateful to have Talitha in our life to be able to assist both of us on our journeys. We have two businesses, a transport company and a healing business and now we actually can work together, there is harmony. I am more into the truck business and he is moving into the healing. It's amazing. The changes in ourselves, our businesses, our children, employees...the energy expands outwards. I recommend anyone to take classes with Talitha, as her passion exceeds just being a teacher of a healing modality. She is genuine, authentic and very experienced in what she does and strives to give her students as much as she possibly can, to assist the changes they are seeking in creating the life they want." "

Rebecca Brand
Mackay, QLD Australia

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