Skylie Cash

An Independent Certified Practitioner, Instructor


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About Me

I have over 11 years experience as a Thetahealing® practitioner and have attended many advanced practitioner courses.  I have also become ThetaHealing® instructor where I can now teach you this amazing life changing technique!

This technique allowed me to find balance within the energetic world we live in and within myself. 

Before ThetaHealing® I was a sensitive soul that would take on other peoples struggles, emotions, problems and energy because I was living without healthy boundaries and balance within myself.  It has also allowed me to completely transform my life in a positive way, become a co-creator and an amazing manifester!!

I am now passionate about helping you create the life you dream of, become the best version of yourself and live your life in a balanced way with love, joy, peace, happiness, good health and laughter.

I look forward to meeting you 


Extra Credentials

Being in Colour Facilitator & Teacher in training 


"With a downturn in my business I found myself dealing with feelings of abandonment and they were suffocating me. Skylie reached out to me about her healings not knowing what I was going through, so I gave it ago. The session took longer than anticipated as I had to go far back as my childhood to work out why I wasn't handling the present situation better. A huge weight that was holding me down got lifted that day and gave me so much mental strength to deal relating issues so much better. I am eternally grateful you crossed my path Skylie xx"

Mount Isa

"I had never heard of ThetaHealing or knew the benefits until I met with Skylie. Her calm, enthusiastic approach made me feel comfortable about giving the session a go. Sklie really knows her stuff and I would highly recommend her to anyone that is thinking about trying ThetaHealing out!!"

Mount Isa

"Greater result in 2 sessions with Skylie then a year of counseling. This is a very powerful technique, I have also had a session 3 years ago with another practitioner that helped me with a back problem so it works very well on physical issues as well... if you are looking for almost instant and life changing results I suggest you contact Skylie and give Theta a try."

Mount Isa

"I had the pleasure of many Theta Healing sessions with Skylie when she was just starting out on her Theta Healing Journey. Skylie is the best in her field and she helped me to reach Healing and peace in areas of my life that helped me to see the bigger picture and brought me great peace. There is no area in your life that Skylie can't help you with. Skylie is brilliant at what she does, so don't delay make a booking today."

New Zealand

"“I took the basic ThetaHealing® class and was absolutely the best decision ever. When she says “life changing” she means it. Would highly recommend! On top of that, Skylie is just an entirely beautiful soul; genuinely cares about others being the best they can be."

Revelstoke BC

"“I have always been drawn to the power of our thoughts and the manifestations that they present in daily life. When I first met Skylie I was struck by her unequivocal belief of Thetahealing and her daily practical use of it. I wanted to experience what she shared so I signed up and participated in her level 1 thetahealing course and was so happy I did. Skylie teaches with honesty and clarity sharing and showing a powerful way to be honest and compassionate within. By thetahealing use of digging for real truths I found it helps me be more present and focused on the positives and able to leave the negatives without holding on to them as much as I used to. Skylie is a guided and knowledgeable teacher and I consider myself very fortunate to have been taught by her."

Revelstoke BC

"“I’ve had several Theta Healing sessions with Skylie. She is extremely easy to talk to and genuinely cares about the well being of others. As far as the changes I’ve noticed in my life since our sessions.... extraordinary... unbelievable actually! I am so much more at peace with the way things play out and I have a very different perspective! I am so grateful for that because I have gained such clarity!! Skylie can help with any part of your life that you feel could be better whether it’s a physical ailment or emotional distress. The Theta Healing technique is gentle yet powerful! It is my recommendation that you stop by the Revelstoke Feel Good Collective to meet Skylie and learn more about what she has to offer"

Revelstoke BC

"Skylie thank you for showing me how to open the door...allowing me to explore my own healing within. Taking the Basic DNA ThetaHealing practitioner course has been transformational for me and I am so excited to continue to learn from you! Your energy, confidence and knowledge created a beautiful safe space which encouraged all of us to become more of who we are meant to be."

Revelstoke BC

"Skylie had been with me from the moment I reached out my hand. I had a sessions with her and have forever been changed by taking the Basic and Advanced DNA courses with her. She is truly and amazing, caring woman who just wants to help. It’s that simple. If you are considering reaching out to it!”"

Revelstoke BC

"“Skylie is totally amazing at what she does. She gets to the core problems with care and a genuine desire to help people. She has an amazing ability to clear long held issues/ problems and does so in an environment of support and empathy. Skylie is truly wonderful and I feel so grateful to have met her."

Revelstoke BC

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