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Biography: Rosemary has been involved in ThetaHealing™ since she was introduced to Vianna in 1996, through a mutual friend, Connie Schuldt. But it was only in 2004, Rosemary decided to become a ThetaHealing™ Instructor, and now holds a Masters and Certificate of Science   in ThetaHealing™having completed all necessary courses.  She is a very experienced teacher and practitioner, has performed many treatments and seminars and has travelled extensively doing so.

Rosemary’s teaching role began on the Wirral Peninsula in England; when, after receiving the qualification of Licentiate of Trinity College, London,she went on to obtain the Post-Graduate Certification from Manchester University (Music, Psychology, and Sociology). After moving to America in 1986,  her career  led her to teach many disciplines to all ages, children, teenagers and adults alike.

For most of her career, Rosemary has concentrated to teaching those less fortunate than herself. When living in Idaho, she taught Education and Music Therapy to disturbed teenagers in the Behavioural Health Centre in Idaho Falls, Idaho. She specialized in Psycho-social Rehabilitation / Case Management for developmentally delayed and mentally ill adults, in several local agencies before opening her own business there.

Rosemary always felt that the treatment was never enough to allow people to reach their full potential. On discovering the Theta work, she realized the “missing link” to people living their lives to the full was the understanding of "Unconditional Love," the balancing of Body, Mind and Spirit, (whether suffering from a disability or not).She has experienced for herself, life changing miracles that this sacred work can bring to someone, such as raising energy vibrations, resolving relationship issues, discovering how past generations have negative impacts on actions, health and emotions., and much, much more. Although ThetaHealing™ itself is not a religion, Rosemary states that she is always driven by a strong faith and belief in God and His Son, Jesus Christ.


Rosemary states “I am so grateful to Vianna, for the knowledge and friendship that she has shared, in order that I might be available to share this sacred work with many people worldwide regardless of Religion, Race, Colour, Creed or Gender as this is what I have been divinely led to do.”

“WHATEVER your need, the CHOICE is yours – NOW is the time for CHANGE”

Extra Credentials

Licentiate of Trinity College London  ( LTCL)
Diploma in Education Victoria University Manchester ( DipEd)
Theta Healing Master

The books,are designed as a Self Help Guide to Stress Management. “Stresslessness” was the first  book to be written  containing music and inspired poetry which the Author, Rosemary Rebo, has not only written but has recited and performed herself, on the "FREE" Downloadable Soundtrack (available from the book). The recording is an essential part of the book. The intention created here, is that people will be able to assist themselves in finding time to relax, to read and to listen, in an effort to escape life's stresses. This will benefit, not only the body, but the mind, spirit and soul. Therapists may also choose to use these poems/music for enhancing relaxation techniques. The poems are written and recited in such a way as to induce relaxation and are thought provoking to an extent whereby they can be used to trigger deep emotions, lodged in the subconscious mind, in order that they may surface and be addressed.
 "Less Stress For You" contains most of the information from the first book but has much more to offer . It twice as many poems and is beautifully illustrated  which portrays an incredibly peaceful ambience                               

About the Author
Combining her professional qualifications of Music and Psychology, Rosemary has transferred her skills and experience to various areas of employment. Beginning her career in England, she worked for both the Wirral and the Liverpool Education Authorities as a Peripatetic String Teacher. After moving to Ohio,USA, she taught in private schools and volunteered as a Support Liaison Representative to the officers wives on Wright Patterson Air Force Base to boost their morale. In Nebraska, she concentrated on utilising her teaching/psychology education to horse riding and dog training to which she aspires. In Idaho, Rosemary was a Psychiatric Technician teaching Education and Music Therapy to disturbed teenagers in the Behavioural Health Centre in Idaho Falls. She specialised in Psycho-social Rehabilitation /Case Management for developmentally delayed and mentally ill adults in several local agencies before opening her own business there. It was in Idaho Falls in 1995 that she met Vianna Stibal, founder of ThetaHealing® through a mutual, friend, Connie Schuldt, It was  from Vianna that she learned the modality, which has played a major role in her journey thus far, and for which she holds a Masters Certification . After having been introduced to ThetaHealing®, Rosemary states, “I realised that I could 'Create my own Reality' not only by drawing 'Negative experiences to myself' but by drawing 'Positive experiences to myself'. So, which would you choose to do ?” Rosemary now specialises, not only in that modality, but in Stress Reduction and Anger Management, working extensively by Telephone Sessions with clients anywhere in the world. People do not have to travel in order to benefit from her amazing technique in this field. She holds seminars to teach people how to become ThetaHealing® Practitioners. Her knowledge and spirituality have led to the inspiration that she has received to have written her  books. Rosemary has combined professional expertise from music, teaching, counselling, her gift of writing poetry and many varied experiences of life to produce “Stresslessness”and "Less Stress For You" a unique series of books of music and inspired poetry which she has written, recited and performed herself, on the Downloadable Soundtrack (available from the book). This will enable people to assist themselves in finding time to relax, read, learn and listen, in an effort to escape life's stresses. Now living again in Cheshire, England, Rosemary continues to consult and teach worldwide.


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