Rebecca Norris

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Extra Credentials

Rebecca Norris is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, NLP Practioner, Theta Healing practitioner and teacher, and practices Matrix Energetics


"" Since our last session I have been waking up everyday since Wednesday happy. It is such a blessing to be without feelings of depression and being alone everyday. I have more energy and I am excited about life. Work has been flowing better this week and I am doing stuff again for my business. Thanks for working on my dad through me. He has been so much happier as well. I thank you and I hope that you have an amazing day""

Las Vegas

"" After four years of therapy and two attempts at suicide, I finally found Rebecca, Rebecca used Theta healing to create a miracle in my life. I was diagnosed with Dissociative Personality Disorder, Bipolar, Borderline Personality Disorder and Clinical Depression. Rebecca is the only therapist that uncovered my “core’ issues using Theta Healing. The sessions became extremely intense with extreme releases of tension. We discovered that I was carrying around an attachment for years that influenced my moods and behaviors dramatically. This was the attachment of a man who had traumatized and sexually abused me since the age of 3. I am sure that our sessions could have been televised and more entertaining than any paranormal activity show!! After ridding myself of tis attachment I lost eighty pounds, can now walk without a cane, and am in my last year of school to get a masters degree. I also attended all of Rebecca’s theta healing Classes. I have never learned so much in my life. She has bright, dynamic energy, and her classes are captivating and full of miracles. She makes everyone feel very comfortable and gives the one on one attention that is needed. I can’t wait to take future classes with her!" "

Laura M

""I meant Rebecca through a friend who had taken her classes. I have never felt like I belonged in this world and only seemed to be able to communicate with animals and not humans. Rebecca did individual theta healing sessions on me 1 time a week for about 6 months. I never believed in past lives before meeting Rebecca. I do now for sure. I took Rebecca’s Theta Classes that she offered as well. Throughout my treatment I broke off a very unhealthy relationship, moved out of a toxic house, got a job telepathically communicating with animals (I was estatic!!!!), and am featured in a top yoga magazine. Rebecca is a saving grace. I wish I could put her in my pocket and carry her around. She is beautiful inside and out! I highly recommend her as a practitioner and a teacher..""

New Jersey

"" I took Rebecca’s Theta healing Courses to satisfy my CEU requirements for my MD license. Theta healing has changed my life. I knew that I was intuitive, but I have gifts that I never dreamed I could have. Rebecca was an excellent teacher. VERY PATIENT with the class. She offered the class in a retreat setting at the very dream house that she manifested. It was so peaceful and calming. Rebecca did a fantastic job at holding the space for her class and radiates with enthusiasm and positive energy. I have noticed that she is just one of those people that you just want to be around. ""

Bethesda, MD

"I came to see Rebecca because I had a very low level of testosterone. I am a 36 year old man and I had a testosterone level of an 80 year-old man. I was told by my primary care physician that “I was like a woman”. I had never heard of this technique, however I trusted Rebecca and decided to give it a try. Rebecca made so much difference in my life after only one session. She is extremely intuitive and picked up my religious background immediately and the core issues associated with this. I was in tears by the end of the first session, realizing that I had so many beliefs that were weighing me down. I have never experienced such an emotional release in my entire life. I only had 3 sessions with Rebecca before my Testosterone levels were back to normal and I feel wonderful!! I am astounded by her kindness, acceptance, and intuitive abilities. She has changed my life. "


"Rebecca worked with me over Skype in reference to a MAJOR business crisis. She taught me that in order to run a business it has to be energetically on track! I had sooo many belief systems and fears that I did not know existed. Together in two sessions we cleared the energetic junk from my business and recreated it on my levels. Two days after our second session I received a $100,000 check that I had been praying to come for six months. It is hard to believe that I was blocking it. Thank-you so much Rebecca. I am so glad I was referred to you. "

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