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About Me

Hi there

“Rediscover who you truly are to be the best you can be now "

Have you felt a bit stuck lately and in need of a little assistance.
I can happily offer a listening ear a loving word and encouragement but maybe you are looking for more than that and would like some sound structure and direction.
What I can do is offer in-depth and accurate one on one sessions
Inspirational upbeat classes
Leadership support
and professional retreats too


As one of the top ThetaHealing instructors, based in New Zealand I have in the past years travelled worldwide sharing my vibrant passion through expert professional delivery.
I started Teaching in 2010 and recieved my Masters soon after and my Certificate of Science in 2015. I share a wealth of experience in this field of metaphysics and am very accurate with my application.
My work with ThetaHealing has seen me through a personal cancer challenge, hip replacement and life events at the same time successfully helping many many people achieve personal happiness, love, wealth, health success.

I now focus more to assisting boutique sized groups and dedicated seekers in beautiful surroundings to be the best versions of themselves. I love teaching everyone but know that my point of difference is the focused and dedicated seekers.
I have been an entrepreneur for 13 years in the spiritual, health and wellness arena, my background offers you experience from 20 years in the British health service as a nurse and Midwife plus 17 years as a holistic teacher in one form or another in the UK and New Zealand.
In 2009 I wrote my first book and am now an author of two books based on the language of intuitive colour after overcoming Cancer.

" I can assist you to create the change you are wanting because I know that when I reached rock bottom; the only way for me was up to be a better version than what I was before" 
I am here to help you too and you are welcome to connect and ask me any questions over email, Zoom, phone and Skype.

'I will walk beside you on your journey of self-discovery so be prepared for amazing shifts'

Extra Credentials

I love love love inspiring people in colourful ways to find their best, intuitive, life solution

 Philippa Joy Oxlade

Spiritual Success Mentor

Ret. Midwife and Registered nurse

ThetaHealing® Certificate of Science Instructor and Practitioner and I have assisted Viasnna Twice in Montana

Discover Success academy Founder and Mentor

Reiki Usui Master Teacher

Author, Facilitator and Teacher

Clendinning Technique teacher of Medical intuition and psychic surgery

Discovery and Cosmic Radiance Rainbow Healing Technique author and teacher

Facilitator and Teacher of Crystal healing


"I have learned so much and feel as though my journey as a healer is very much advanced with Theta Advanced. Thank you."

Student of Pip's
Hamilton NZ

"Gave me confidence and another healing tool. Pip is an excellent, highly qualified teacher, very professional. You are very clear and honest at teaching, loving and compassionate & humorous."

Student of Pip's
Hamilton NZ

"ThetaHealing is a wonderful healing technique for all ages and could benefit all people in some way, well worth investing in and totally useful for everyday life, well presented"

student of Pip's
Dunedin NZ

"I totally recommend this life changing course to everyone. Philippa, is the most awesomest teacher, can't wait for the next course"

student of Pip's
Hamilton NZ

"Pip is so passionate in her teaching of Theta – she wants all her students to grasp and fully understand Theta."

Student of Pip's
Hamilton NZ

"Amazing teacher! Pip is honest, trusting, kind and inspirational. I love that she shares her own experience and she helps relating to most scenarios to make class more real."

Student of Pip's
Hamilton NZ

"Knowledge, help and support, encouragement, fun, laughter, joy, experience, speed of information"

Student of Pip's
Hamilton NZ

"Very caring, helps explain things if you are stuck, lovely beautiful lady <3"

Student of Pip's
Hamilton NZ

"Pip is a bundle of light and magic, an amazing facilitator who is very insightful, inspiring and supportive"

Student of Pip's
Hamilton NZ

"Pip doesn't just teach, she lives and breathes it. She teaches through experience, love and compassion. I wouldn't want to have done this course with anyone else!"

Student of Pip's
Napier NZ

"Pip's logical approach is refreshing. Classes are well structured, clear and concise!"

Student of Pip's
Hamilton NZ

"Brilliant insight into matters of the heart in relation to others, particularly whom we find ourselves attracted to for whatever reason. Energetic, ease and grace of delivery. Pip is compassionate and carefully investing time and energy into her students in the most professional manner."

Student of Pip's
Hamilton NZ

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 Pip with Cert Sci frame

Working as an international presenter and author, ThetaHealing and Reiki instructor, practitioner and mentor, my passion in healing enables discerning seekers of light to feel empowered in health, wealth, happiness and love.

Through impactful release I show you how easy you can manifest the necessary changes to achieve your goals by identifying emotional, mental and soulful limitations and building upon core strengths to be the best that you can be now. 

oy and health are so important and this being my focus and passion; I love teaching the committed, dedicated seekers of light and if you wish to have a small class to upskill in then I could be the mentor for you.
I see a learning environment as personal and dedicated to the delivery of quality.
With a wealth of experience in not only ThetaHealing as a teacher I have worked in challenging environments such as Nursing and Midwifery; so know how to look after your specific needs with care.
I receive overseas learners with excitement, I offer one on one professional business orientated opportunities and love to be hosted on my travels too.
Please ask for more information and visit my webpage www.ladyrainbowheart.co.nz  and www.discoversuccessacademy.com
Love on your journey
Certificate of Science Instructor based in New Zealand
Author and seeker of light

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