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My Upcoming Classes

Disease and Disorder NC  United States of America Aug 15 - 26, 2022 Learn More
RHYTHM to a Perfect Weight United States of America Sep 1, 2022 Learn More
Animal Seminar United States of America Sep 10 - 11, 2022 Learn More
DNA 3 United States of America Oct 21 - 25, 2022 Learn More
Advanced DNA United States of America Oct 28 - 30, 2022 Learn More

About Me

"Respect your students, for they are your greatest instructors. Being a instructor is being the best student, you learn from everyone."
Vianna Stibal
Please feel free to request dates for any of the classes you'd like to take, online or in person, if you don't see it scheduled already or if you just need different dates that work for your schedule. 
If you feel safe attending in person classes at this time, please join us! The location where I teach is an essential business and has been following the current, more intensive cleaning and sanitizing requirements. 
I'm so grateful to Vianna for emphasizing teaching the balance of the immune system in recent classes and the ThetaHealing technique which have been the greatest help in maintaining faith of getting through all of this uncertainty in good health and spirits. 
It's been an honor to teach the folks who have been in my classes and help the clients who have found me over the years. I love seeing lives change for the better. ThetaHealing has changed every area of my life for the better. Is everything in my life perfect now? No. Is anyone's life really perfect, even if their social media and advertising imples that? No, and it's something I would never want to pretend is true. But I am very grateful that the biggest "fires" have all been put out, and life does keep getting better and better. Even in these very interesting times, I feel completely certain of staying in a good place, with life continuing to get better, and the possibility of the world ending up in a much better place. 
When I first found ThetaHealing it was in search of ways of working on the subconscious mind to make the Law of Attraction work better for me. ThetaHealing was the modality that worked best for me out of the several that I tlooked into. A few years later during a dark time in my life I went to get ThetaHealing sessions for help. I ended up taking classes and turning my life around. Relationships in every area of my life are better now. I was able to help my cat who was almost 18 when he got sick to live as comfortably and happily as possible until it was his time to pass on. His veterinarian would always be amazed at how great he looked even though according to his blood work he should've been doing much worse. I was also able to see clearly when he was ready to go and help him. Also I was able to witness the miracle of reincarnation and recognize the same soul had returned a few months later when I was ready to adopt another cat.
I've been blessed with excellent health all of my life and I've always been into fitness and exercise. With ThetaHealing I was able to successfully witness a clearing of fat from specific trouble spots. I measured the change of these areas being about 2 inches smaller 10 days later. This same miracle happened again in 2019.

I've also witnessed the miracle of an improvement in my eyesight. Having had sympyoms of nearsightedness all my life but comfortable with contact lenses this wasn't critical but it has been a welcome change and really cool to see that I don't need as strong of a prescription for my contact lenses as I did in the past.
I love helipng people clear away their most challenging problems with ThetaHealing sessions or classes. I'm always grateful for the joy of facilitating the Basic DNA training and seeing the "aha's" and realizations when people first experience the miracles of ThetaHealing. I also love the foundational practitioner classes, helping students strengthen their abilities, and of course the intensive classes clearing deep issues.
For classes here in Greensboro or online, all you need to do is register. If you live somewhere else and have 3 or more people and you'd like me to teach classes for you and your group, just contact me through this website or the contact info on mine,
I look forward to working with you soon!

Extra Credentials

Access Consiousness Bars Facilitator, Body Processes Facilitator, Access Energetic Facelift Practitioner
Law of Attraction Coach
Crystal Remote Viewing Practitioner/Facilitator
B. A., Psychology, Indiana University


"Hi Naomi, first I want to say thank you for the amazing 4 days of theta healing seminars that I feel transformed me personally and also transformed my private practice.... I feel like a completely different person! I just feel happier and freer and lighter and more joyful! And I have such a different perspective with my clients now! So thank you for your professional and generous work you did!!"

S. M.
Connecticut, USA

"Naomi is a miracle worker who turned around my life. For three months I was looking around for the right place to work in which clients, other practitioners and I can each thrive in all aspects. One day after doing a Theta Healing with Naomi, this job found me and it was better than I could have imagined. Within three days, two other excellent part-time jobs also opened up. I feel a huge shift in my relationship with “work” and abundance and more synchronicities have been happening ever since the session. I would highly recommend Theta Healing with Naomi for anyone who may be having trouble finding abundance in their life and believe she could help overcome many other challenges. She definitely has the gift of being able to help facilitate a shift in the core issue behind the superficial challenge in a miraculous way. I am deeply grateful to her for being who she is."

M. B.
Greensboro, NC USA

"I was desperate to help my dog Lucy overcome her severe panic about riding in my car. We had tried 'everything' and her fear just continued to get worse. A friend suggested we try Theta Healing and I am so grateful we did. Naomi helped us to uncover and release the source of her trauma and to heal my own sorrow around that. First car ride (after the session with Naomi) was manageable. Second ride she actually lay down and rested for a time! That hasn't happened in years. Theta Healing works and Naomi is a loving guide."

Satyavati D

"My second session with Naomi allowed us to get a little more in depth with some of the issues I was dealing with. It wasn't easy... she worked deeper and deeper into my subconscious to help me identify and understand what holds me back from healing and moving forward. I had to trust the process, even though some things were not easy to admit or acknowledge had to be just that. Doing that hard work she helped me see that these fears, these bad experiences I've had, are part of the lessons I'm here to learn. And I can take those and see how they are making me change in so many positive ways. I've become stronger, a role model for my children and I've learned to honor myself. My learning does not have to come from painful experiences, I can learn my intended lessons from positive things. I'm a survivor, not a victim and with that I have virtues of courage, bravery, perserverance, friendliness, honor, respect, fortitude and strength. What I felt most moved by was when we retrieved my soul fragments- bits and pieces of my soul that I had given away through emotional charges. They were returned to me through my Creator after being cleansed and in turn, I released soul fragments that did not beling to me. I could sense motion sickness or seasickness as this was happening, actually feeling the energy changing. But I also had an incredible sense of overwhelming relief. I look forward to continuing my work with Naomi. I see such major changes in my life in a short time and so proud she has helped me in moving forward to bigger and more beautiful things the universe has in store for me. Thank you again Naomi for everything you are doing for me. The difference is truly incredible. I find myself smiling at nothing in particular throughout the day and I remind myself 'that's joy. It comes from loving, honoring and respecting yourself. And you are worthy of that.'"

S Carpenter
Greensboro, NC USA

"Naomi goes straight to the core of what need to be shifted with grace and power. I felt a shift happened very deeply. I feel joyful with no need for reason. "

I. R.

"Since the last session something changed and I haven't wanted to drink since then in the last 4 days... for the first time in about 10 years."

Pennsylvania, USA

"Dear Naomi, Thank you for your love, wisdom and support during the Rhythm Class. It was amazing! I felt so safe and guided the entire time and was able to release deep subconscious beliefs, with ease and grace that were really important for me to work on. With a laugh and a tear and so much relief, understanding, gratitude and kindness towards my physical body. I highly recommend you as a Thetahealing Practioner and Teacher. Thank you again so much! "


"I have had several classes with Naomi and she is a wonderful and inspiring teacher. I took the Intuitive anatomy class just recently and it was wonderful. There was so much about the human body that I did not know besides all the healing. The course content was fantastic and I cleared so much during the 15 days of class it felt like I lost 15 pounds, I felt so light when I got home. The pace of the learning and days off were perfect to have time to process too. I love her teaching style, and her support during and after class are fantastic. I would highly recommend and have recommended her to my friends for these Classes and healings sessions too."

R. M.
South Carolina, USA

"Thank you so much Naomi for being here and guiding so beautifully Intuitive Anatomy process. You really are a NATURAL and VERY INTUITIVE TEACHER. Felt safe, cared for and respected in your presence. This is a wonderful course. It is vast in concept and the amount of information presented is staggering. It gives a lot of scope for practice and theory opportunities and is of immense value to any Theta Healing Practitioner. Can’t quite fathom the depth of the transformation this course has had for me. I started this course with very little confidence that I will be able to intuitively “see” let alone “feel” what’s going on in the body. But I was pleasantly surprised, I can do all those things! :) My intuitive abilities were beautifully coaxed and encouraged. Wow – I am free to be me! I’m so looking forward to exploring this new dimension, and love the confidence I can/am feeling this with. Looking back to where I was and to where I am now, there’s an ocean of understanding, love and forgiveness. Thank you for an amazing experience and the opportunity to develop my skills. "

A. A.
Colorado, USA

Hold a seminar in your area

I'm able to travel and teach most of the ThetaHealing seminars. Please have at least 3 people who are committed to taking the class. Additional deposit fees may be necessary depending on lodging costs in your area, travel costs to get there, and whether or not a student will provide the location to teach the seminar.

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