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Marianne Karsh, B.Sc.F., M.Sc.F., is a certified ThetaHealing® practitioner, Master ThetaHealing® instructor and Certificate of Science. An author, scientist, world traveler and seminar leader, she has been featured in numerous articles and TV programs including Eye for the Future, The Globe and Mail, The Catholic New Times, Woman’s Television Network, CBC, and Salt and Light Television.

Marianne is the founding director of Arborvitae, which is dedicated to teaching the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits of connecting with the Earth. Since 1999, she has promoted Arborvitae’s mission of nurturing spirituality through nature ( through retreat work, group facilitation, writing and speaking.

With over 20 years of study in science and theology, Marianne has considerable experience as an invited speaker to various groups both nationally and internationally. She has overseen a number of initiatives combining ecological activism and justice and has written and collaborated on articles and book chapters addressing key issues in science, ecology and theology. For six years, she served as Ecology Project Coordinator of the Ignatius Jesuit Centre of Guelph developing new programs in ecology and spirituality as well as leading retreats throughout Canada and internationally to religious organizations, churches, school boards and private organizations.

After obtaining a Master's degree in forestry from the University of Toronto, Marianne has worked as a forest research scientist in Canada, The United States and Iceland. As a senior scientist for Environment Canada, specializing in biodiversity and climate change, she authored/co-authored numerous scientific publications, including a chapter in Climate Change, Biodiversity and Sustainability in the Americas: Impacts and Adaptations [Smithsonian Institution Scholarly Press] and Climate Change and Biodiversity: Implications for Monitoring, Science and Adaptive Planning [Environment Canada].

Marianne is available to lead programs in your community on nature and spirituality and ThetaHealing® and to participate in Earth healing events. As well as offering retreats, workshops, talks, courses and camps through Arborvitae, she is adding new components of spiritual ecology, co-creative gardening, Thetahealing® for people and animals, and guided meditations especially designed for sending love and healing to animals, people and the Earth. She is also open to new ideas and proposals of how to take Arborvitae and ThetaHealing® into 2014 and beyond.


"I have been taking ThetaHealing workshops by Marianne more seriously since this April. I have seen a lot of improvement in myself so far in terms of health, emotions, connection with the creator and others. Marianne has played a large part in my personal development and she will go on to be my beloved teacher. I would highly recommend her to my friends. Julia Lee"


"Marianne is an amazing teacher, she takes the time to listen and answer your questions for you to get clarity and I so respect that from her. I’ve had immense growth taking her classes and look forward to more. Thank you, Nancy Lizotte"


"Thank you Marianne, this course (You and The Creator) was really really amazing. After being home and letting it all sink in, it's becoming clearer and I feel absolutely fantastic! These new tools will really help with my clients and work on myself. You are an amazing teacher and hold space like a boss! Much love and gratitude - Zen Jen "

Ontario, Canada

"Am blessed to have her as a mentor, master instructor and a friend. I learn how to teach once from Vianna, and then I to rock it with Marianne .... She has an awesome attention to details, tradition, purity of the lineage. She also transfers her deep love for nature, scientific study, the sacredness of life, the power and love of the creator. A patient, compassionate master teacher and healer. She's AWESOME! :) Janet Charette"

British Columbia

"I'm so grateful for all the changes that came through You and Creator class and they just keep coming. Casey Campbell"


"I am blown away about how powerful theta is on a daily basis. It saved the life of Lexi and I. It corrected her hips and now she is completely normal. Marianne you've been such a loving caring "mother" in passing on your knowledge and learning and have helped me on so many occasions like witnessing the correction of placental placement that still has the professionals scratching their heads in confusion." "Really loving Planes. Thanks so much for teaching it. Shauntahl"

Ontario, Canada

Hold a seminar in your area

I love to travel and teach and to meet thetahealing practitioners around the world. One of the joys of thetahealing is the network of thetahealers in almost every country. As someone who has all the thetahealing courses with an instructor component I am happy to come and teach you and a group of fellow students any location. I am fortunate to be able to have the freedom to be able to do this so if you are wanting a course and don't have an instructor nearby, please contact me. 

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