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RHYTHM to a Perfect Weight Sunshine Coast, QLD  Australia Jan 29, 2023 Learn More
RHYTHM to a Perfect Weight Sunshine Coast, QLD  Australia Jan 29, 2023 Learn More
Basic DNA SUNSHINE COAST, QLD  Australia Feb 24 - 26, 2023 Learn More
Advanced DNA SUNSHINE COAST, QLD  Australia Mar 17 - 19, 2023 Learn More
Dig Deeper SUNSHINE COAST, QLD  Australia Apr 8 - 9, 2023 Learn More
Manifesting and Abundance SUNSHINE COAST, QLD  Australia Apr 15 - 16, 2023 Learn More
Basic DNA SUNSHINE COAST, QLD  Australia Jul 7 - 9, 2023 Learn More
You and the Creator SUNSHINE COAST, QLD  Australia Jul 29 - 30, 2023 Learn More
Advanced DNA SUNSHINE COAST, QLD  Australia Aug 11 - 13, 2023 Learn More
Basic DNA SUNSHINE COAST, QLD  Australia Oct 6 - 8, 2023 Learn More
Basic DNA SUNSHINE COAST, QLD  Australia Oct 6 - 8, 2023 Learn More
Advanced DNA Sunshine Coast, QLD  Australia Nov 3 - 5, 2023 Learn More
Dig Deeper Sunshine Coast, QLD  Australia Nov 25 - 26, 2023 Learn More

About Me

"I had the most unbelievable experience with Kelly yesterday, where she was able to guide me back generations of time to heal traumas from my ancestors that were passed down through DNA and ultimately affecting me in my life!   We completely healed these wounds and my body.... I felt all of it while it was happening!  This was something I have never experienced before and something I believe so many people would benefit from!  This healing felt so empowering.  I felt like I had taken my power back by healing and releasing what is not mine and what no longer serves me with so much love and kindness.  We also connected and shared some beautiful moments with my sweet son who transitioned last May.  She taught me how to throw an energetic ball of love, hugs and kisses and he threw one back to me and if felt it!!"   Sophie (Sunshine Coast)

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""I had the most unbelievable experience with Kelly yesterday, where she was able to guide me back generations in time to heal traumas from my ancestors that were passed down through DNA and ultimately effecting me in my life!! We completely healed these wounds and my body, I felt all of it while it was happening! This was something I’d never experienced before and something I believe soo many people would benefit from! This healing felt so empowering. I felt like I had taken my power back by healing and releasing what is not mine and what no longer serves me with so much love and kindness. We also connected and shared some beautiful moments with my sweet son who transitioned last May. She taught me how to throw an energetic ball of love, hugs and kisses to him, and he threw one back to me and I felt it!! "


""I have had weight issues for most of my life. I had a healing session with Kelly & got to the source of it in just one session. It was not what I expected to find. Through gentle questioning she helped me uncover the source Releasing shock, trauma,drama surrounding an event from my childhood which I had re-visted many times, but had no idea this was connected to my weight." ​ This time I saw what happened in a new light & released what was holding me stuck." ​ "The result was AMAZING! For the first time in years I am not numb. I can literally FEEL my body (I had been suffering from numbness all over my body for years) I feel like a brand new me!" ​ "Kelly is an amazing teacher, intuitive & spiritual lady. I am very grateful for this awesome healing for my life"."


""My recent Theta healing session with Kelly was truly remarkable. The accuracy of the information received pinpointed how particulare negative childhood experiences have impacted my adult life." ​ "In addition to this, much clarity was gained about how dramatically past life relationships can effect this one. Kelly used Theta healing to change old beliefs that were causing emotional & physical problems & I could feel changes happening immediately. ​ "I would highly recommend Kelly. She is a natural healer & it is obvious she loves transforming peoples lives"


""I am so delighted Kelly that you could tune into my Soul revealing many aspects that were hidden & brining them into my awareness." ​ "I felt such a relief on a deep level & I am greatefull for every insight & one particular revealation came from a past life which made so much sense. The clarity I received regarding my book ideas & how to proceed were astounding & so accurate." ​ "Thank you Kelly with all my heart, I feel great now to have such clarity on an intimate level.""


"Thankyou Kelly for the most amazing Theta Healing experience this morning. You are a true gem, clearly experienced in your field and I feel so privileged to have met you. To help me rid a physical pain I have carried for the past decade of my life is truely life changing and I am forever grateful"


""Thank you Kelly Caylor and the Limitless Clinic for an absolutely amazing and life changing Theta Basic Course here in Bundaberg..I didn't know what to expect but the course highlighted for me the amazing love and creator energy available to us all to assist in Changing beliefs at their core and making what seems impossible to I am Possible..Never have I had such a transformative experience and its good to know this is just the beginning..thank you for all your love and guidance to becoming the best version of ME, love to you and creator always""


""Kelly is an incredible gifted healer who I would recommend to anyone. Her beautiful kind nature puts you at ease. I am blessed to have Kelly heal not only myself but also on the genetic and history level resulting in healing benefiting all my family! Truly grateful to have such amazing results. Thank you" I just want to say - you are nothing short of miraculous Kelly Caylor To provide me with a healing in my hospital bed and now I can walk much better and feel much brighter and connected with higher vibrational energy. Thank you doesn’t do it justice."


""Kelly, wow, thank you "


""I have done all four levels of Theta training with Kelly and had several personal sessions with her because I just can’t get enough of what Theta and Kelly have done for me..and allowed me to do for others. As an academic scientist, I was initially sceptical about healings such as Theta, but I have been seriously blown away with how it’s helping me overcome my deep lack of self-worth, and how it’s allowing me to help my clients heal and become awakened to themselves. Kelly has an amazing quality to encourage and guide us to develop our own clair and healing abilities. I seriously urge all to give Theta with Kelly a try""

Dr Carla

""Kelly is just the most beautiful, inspiring, loving, caring person you will ever meet, with an incredible passion for transformation in others. The support that she gave during the Basic DNA course was ever so appreciative. A true born teacher, guide and healer. I originally joined the course to learn how I can heal myself, as I suffer Fibromyalgia and have tried almost everything else. I was taught to receive the most highest of energy I have felt through Theta, and noticed many of my symptoms significantly easing. I had always thought I was a positive person, seeing the good in everything, but knew my condition didn't come from my everyday thinking part of the brain. So through this course, I unveiled my subconscious and found hurt, trauma, pain, resentment and a miraid of other negetive feelings and belief systems generated from my past. It's no wonder I was feeling the weight on my shoulders! I was taught to reset my belief systems, revive my DNA and connect with the Creator to bring light back into my life. This is what I loved most about this course! It's not just a course to learn to be a practitioner, but an amazing opportunity to work on your deepest self. What an empowering and life changing few days! Now I am so excited about the opportunity to be of service to others and feel called to share this beautiful heart centred technique. I will absolutely continue into the advanced courses. If you are considering starting this journey and feel called to do some deep inner healing, take the leap and contact Kelly, you will not regret it. Thank you beautiful lady, you are amazing""


""Ohhhh what can I say? I have just recently completed THETAHEALING BASIC DNA with Kelly and my whole life has changed!What an amazing, beautiful woman!I will definitely be seeing Kelly again for myself and also continued growth in Theta Healing.Such an amazing experience with an amazing woman!""


""I can highly recommend this course. I have completed basic and advanced DNA to heal my lungs. The change in my health since I’ve been doing theta healing is incredible. Kelly is an amazing teacher along with the resources are well worth the money spent. Along with the training I have met some amazing people who have also done the training and they will be lifelong friends.""


""I have had a session with Kelly and I'm really pleased with how efficient she is. She assisted me in removing a lot of entities and attachments in my energetic field in just 1.5 hours. The most noticeable result after the session is my ability to finally activate my Kundalini flow where in the past it always got stuck around my Solar Plexus. I also begin to see some signs and synchronicity around me. I'll definitely work with her again.""


""My sessions with Kelly have been nothing short of profound! Ive done Advanced Theta (level 2) myself but I love and benefit so much from Kellys healings. She has saved me so much physical pain by removing some stubborn fallens that were in my body causing me agony that no other practitioner even detected on me. Life was not fun while this was happening. She gives me tips on how I can help and heal myself which shows me her authenticity and commitment to my healing. Shes also super fast we get so much done in a short time so to me its fantastic value. Weve cleared so much past life trauma that my 3rd eye is beginning to open. The day after our session my sinuses and eye balls were so sore while the area was unblocking. Im so grateful my friend told me how amazing kelly is. I hate to think where would I be without her help! Shes very good at what she does "


"Kelly is heaven on earth, she is pure light and pure love ❤️Kelly and the way she teaches Theta healing is so vibrant, it’s fun, loving, supportive and has brought it all together for me in the spiritual world.Kelly has so much knowledge to share.Then Kelly as our family Healer, I have never felt so loved and supported"


""WOW WOW what an amazing experience and healing Kally did for me her Intuitive abilities are very powerful and Beyond this worldthose moments shared in healing were the highest vibrations , the visions and the feelings I experienced were exceptional you are no doubt a very special master soul...."


""I highly recommend anyone who is interested in spiritualIty to do the Theta Healing courses with Kelly. It was life changing for me! In the beginning I was looking for answers and trying to figure out what my life’s purpose was, and I by the end of the first course, I found everything. I have since developed my knowledge and skills by doing all the courses Kelly has to offer. These courses have helped me, not only with my spiritual path, but in my every day life.Kelly is warm, friendly and extremely knowledgeable. Her teaching style is simple and easy to understand. Her abilities in Theta Healing are remarkable and she gently shows you how to develop your own abilities, and at your own pace. By the end of second course I had developed clairaudience. The other thing that is wonderful about doing these classes is you get practice what you are learning as you go, and because the classes are small, you get one on one supervision, and assistance from Kelly if you need it.Another great thing about the small classes is that it’s more personal and by the end of the course you have become great friends with like minded people. I cannot recommend these courses highly enough.""


""What an experience! 3hrs of Theta healing and i can honesty say ive never felt so at piece with myself. I suffer from anxiety and was fighting my own demonds.I found out thing about myself I never new, had alot of blockages to clear and alot to let go of! Thankyou Kelly for helping me find me again!!!""


""OMGEEEEE Kelly is a love angel! "


""Kelly is a Master teacher and healer. She is a calibre above the rest. I have grown phenomenally as her student and look forward to continuing sessions with her.""


""I recently attended a Theta Healing Basic course with Kelly.OMG, what an amazing experience.This would have to be one of the most amazing things I’ve done.Kelly is an incredible person and her energy is amazing "


""Kelly is an amazing, caring teacher with so much knowledge. I undertook the 3 day Basic Theta Course and was blown away. My husband, who has done Basic and Advanced Theta, wanted me to experience the basic course for a better understanding of what he is so passionate about. I am now looking forward to my own journey with Theta and to learn more from Kelly in the Advanced course. I am so grateful to Kelly - Kelly you are wonderful! Thank you "


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