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My transformation from survive to thriving began at the age of 28. After an abusive marriage, struggles with drugs and alcohol and a recent move to Florida, I hit a wall. I began having severe back pain that was debilitating me and would not be ignored. I started seeing Doctors, chiropractors, massage therapist anything that I could think of that would get me out of pain. I was prescribed a heavy dose of pain pills, muscle relaxers and anti-depressants which only seemed to be masking the pain that I felt. A diagnosis or cause could not be found.

One day, literally flat on my back in excruciating pain I surrendered. I prayed for relief, I prayed for help. I knew that something had to change. My life was in state of misery, I felt anger, pain and fear. I pushed all those that loved me away and that was only adding to the physical pain.

After that day, I began my quest for relief. I asked for help and help came in the form of the yoga. It was the answer to my prayer. I found a teacher and began the process of unraveling, physically and emotionally. What I discovered was that the pain I was carrying was the pain of my difficult past and it would not be ignored any longer. I started yoga in 2000 and that began a new path for me. A path of healing and self- discovery which led me to all the practices that I know teach and offer today.

Extra Credentials

ThetaHealing Instructor & Practitioner
Reiki Master Teacher
Meditation Guide
Yoga Trainer
Angel Messenger


"My biggest take-away was learning the clear steps to this amazing healing modality that helps me connect with the creator to help me heal areas in my life and co-create the life I imagine. My main way I see this practice being incorporated is to work with healing health issues and limiting beleifs. It is so wonderful to pinpoint which level the belief is held on because I have not encountered other healing modalities that addresses DNA, historical, soul levels. The online certification definitely exceeded my expectations. I wasn't sure how it would work interacting with others online, let alone doing healings, but it was a totally amazing experience that did not inhibit at all. The breakout rooms really let you connect one on one and you really quickly forget your worries about communicating online. It was great to do class from home especially because it is a very emotional experience and it is nice to do inner work from comfort of home as well as have time between the sessions without having to drive. I would definitely encourage someone else to attend. You learn so much in just a few days and gives you skills you can incorporate the rest of your life to help yourself, family, and any clients, if you are a healer. ❤️ "

Ariel Fournier
Navarre, Florida

"I just want to thank you again for hosting this Online Training Class on ThetaHealing. I'll be the first to admit my uncertainty in regards to taking such an important training class such as ThetaHealing via online. I felt that physical contact was required and would play an important role in this modality. Thankfully, my misconceptions were eased on day 1. Although we will be practicing this healing in a physical way, this training proved that it can all be done remotely, and also proved that ThetaHealing itself can happen virtually just as perfectly as if you were sitting across from someone. This was the first time for me attending an online class. I was very impressed with how well you taught the class. The curriculum just rolled out as if we were having a conversation. I felt at ease straight away. I also loved the fact that students were able to break out into separate rooms to put the teachings into practice. This part was both fun and so necessary. It was where one could immediately get feedback on their technique, comprehension of the topic and the feel of the process. I also loved that you were able to pop into those rooms and give us one-on-one attention. That is something you'd expect from a physical class, but not from an online class. It was AWESOME! I feel I got the "whole" experience of attending a training. Since completing the class, I have dug deeper into the book and am able to understand more clearly. I am using the techniques I've learned to explore and manifest in my daily life. It is exciting to clearly see and feel , God's love in everything. I will be encouraging any one who is considering learning ThetaHealing to take the class with you, either in person or via online. I felt you kept Vianna's vision and teaching true, and shared this knowledge with great confidence, compassion and love. Again, I was very impressed. But I am also grateful and blessed to have had this opportunity. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Always in peace, Alba Kogot "

Alba kogot
North Carolina, USA

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